The budding musician’s ultimate guide to music distribution in 2023

Overview: What is Music Distribution, How Does Music Distribution Work?, Traditional versus Digital Distribution, Free versus Paid Music Distribution Services, Different Types of Music Distributors, What is the Best Music… Read This

BandLab Distribution FAQ: Questions on royalties, pricing, and more.

BandLab Distribution FAQ: Your questions on royalties, platforms, and more, answered

If you've landed here, chances are you're in search of a music distribution service – and are wondering if BandLab Distribution is the right fit for your needs. We're here to help you solve this dilemma. Whether you're interested in pricing, exploring the free option with our Membership trial, or… Read more

A guide on AudioStretch in BandLab.
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AudioStretch – The ultimate transcription and audio editing tool

Whether you're tackling a complex guitar solo or creating a viral TikTok meme, AudioStretch is your solution. It's the world's first transcription tool for your mobile phone, allowing you to modify audio and video speeds without pitch distortion. The best part? No additional app is required – just access AudioStretch… Read more


How to post music to Spotify in 6 simple steps

So you’ve put the final polish on your latest track, and are ready to share it with the world. Neat! Your initial question might be, "How can I get this onto Spotify?" After all, it's one of the largest music streaming platforms in the world. In this step-by-step guide, we'll… Read more


How to upload music to Apple Music in 6 simple steps

Have you heard? Apple Music announced the epic milestone of 100 million songs on their platform last fall. What’s even cooler is you, as an indie artist, can easily add your original music to this massive collection. With music distribution services like BandLab Distribution, you won’t break a sweat figuring… Read more

An introduction to BandLab Distribution.

BandLab Distribution – Release your music and earn 100% royalties

For any up-and-coming artist or creator, getting your original music on major digital streaming platforms (DSPs) like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, and YouTube can take your music journey to new heights. That’s because music distribution doesn’t just expand your reach globally – it also helps you cultivate a strong fanbase… Read more

A guide on how to use BandLab Distribution.

Create, share, cash in – How to use BandLab Distribution

Crafted some spectacular hits in Studio and want to find out how BandLab Distribution can help you share it with the world? We got you. Our brand new feature allows you to share your original music on major digital service providers (DSPs) in just a few simple steps. Imagine listeners… Read more

How to distribute music for free using BandLab Distribution.

Free music distribution on BandLab – Zero cost, maximum reach

As an emerging artist on a tight budget, finding an affordable way to release music can pose quite a challenge. There’s a wide array of paid and free music distribution services to choose from, and they all come with varying price points and features. This can be confusing if you… Read more


September 2023 BandLab Contests: #AfroFun, #DoURemember, and #PhonkItUp

Ready to challenge your limits with these brand new contests? Take some creative risks, fire up Studio with a spectacular beat, and you could score up to $500 in cash! #AfroFun This Afrobeat riddim needs your magic touch! Will you add sultry vocals, a smooth rap flow, or create a… Read more

BandLab August Opportunities Picks
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Opportunities picks in 2023: Land record deals, gigs, and more

Your ticket to success may be lying within this list of hand-picked Opportunities! Ready to revive those dreams and transform them into reality? Hit submit, shine a light on your work, and open the doors to your big break. Don't forget to peep this FAQ section for answers to common… Read more

An introduction to Fan Reach on BandLab.
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Fan Reach – Your music promotion tool to build a loyal fanbase

Nothing beats the feeling of seeing those likes and streams go up on your track - the feeling that people out there are hooked on your music. Don’t you sometimes wish that you could reach out and connect with these supporters and start growing your fanbase? Now you can, with… Read more

A guide on how to use Fan Reach in BandLab.
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How to use Fan Reach to build buzz and cultivate die-hard fans

Dropping an epic track may bring in a surge of likes and comments. But the true measure of success as a musician lies in your ability to forge genuine connections with fans. Having a loyal fan base is an integral part of building a thriving music career – after all,… Read more