September has been a busy month here at BandLab HQ, here is a recap of all the amazing features we’ve added over the past month. We’ve built the following social features completely cross-platform—iOS, Android and Web—and we’re excited to tell you about them.

At BandLab we never stop innovating and we’re here to show you how to get the best out of what we build… we can show you how to find great music to listen to, and how to find an audience for the music you create.

Social Features


Explore Genres, find your Community.

Whether you come to BandLab to meet other musicians for collaboration, or you want to check out some hot new tracks, you’ll find that it’s now even easier to do. We’ve added genres to our Explore page so you can find your community in Rock, Hip Hop, Pop and many more!

Don’t forget—when you create a track, assign it a genre so that others can discover your music, your public revisions will appear in the feed for your assigned genre.

Tip: If you want to make your profile reflect the genres you love you can change the starred ‘favourite genres’ section in your profile settings.


Start #Hashtagging

Hashtags are a great way to search for tunes on BandLab. They are also another good way to make sure people can find your music. You can add hashtags to the project description right before publishing your track. Search for hashtagged songs by typing in the search bar, and then looking through the results under the “Posts” tab. Go ahead, #expressURself!

Creation Features

As well great new ways to share and discover music on BandLab, We have been working relentlessly to build new tools for our creators by tweaking and modding our powerful Web Mix Editor. Read on for details about a further 8 features we added this month… You ask, we deliver.


Panning Automation

We love our community here at BandLab, so when we got the request for this next item in the Mix Editor, how could we refuse?

Introducing Panning. It’s a fun and simple way to get clarity and space into your music. Create in beautiful stereo—because now you can pan and automate individual tracks left and right, all on the web Mix Editor. We can’t wait to hear what you create.


New and Improved Drum Machine

Our Drum Machine got a facelift! This time, we’ve added 2 more lanes so you can programme even more complex beats.

You can also save up to 8 patterns (A to H) and add them to your track at any time. Now, it’s even easier to program a different beat for your verse, chorus or fill, just assign the beat to an empty spot from A to H!


Even More Loops, Even More Sounds

With more sounds, comes more inspiration. BandLab’s library of Loops now has 19 different genres and 7 instruments for you to work with. In addition, we’ve added more than 20 new MIDI instrument soundbanks. You can create amazing music—without having to own any instruments!

Whether you’re into electro music, pop, or classical—there will be something to inspire you!


3 in 1! Guitar, Bass and Vocal Preset Effects

Guitarist, bassists and vocalists—we didn’t forget about you! We’ve added 8 new preset effects for guitar, 8 preset effects for bass and 4 more for vocalists. Add these effects before or after you record. Prefer chorus over phaser? You don’t have to do another take—just change the preset. Easy!


Metronome & Tuner

Need a tuner? How about a metronome? On BandLab, both are separate features in our app. Whether you’re on iOS, Android or Web, there is no need to be out-of-time or out-of-tune with our built-in metronome and tuner. We’re always looking to bring you the best and most useful features a musician can have. You can find both in our Mix Editor for web and mobile.

Recap: Let’s run down all 10. This month BandLab has brought you Genres, Hashtags, Panning Automation, a new & improved Drum Machine, new Loops, 8 Guitar Preset Effects, 8 Bass Preset Effects, 4 Vocal Preset Effects, Metronome and a Tuner. Keep reading the blog for our monthly feature updates. October better watch out!