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8 tips to help you grow your followers on BandLab

How to grow more followers on BandLab

How do you grow your followers on BandLab, and for real? We’ve got 8 real-world tips that anyone can follow.

Ever looked at someone on BandLab and wondered how they’ve got that huge amount of followers? They’ve got authority, they’ve got clout – they have a solid following. And that is just awesome. 

The number of followers you have on BandLab can be an accurate indicator of your fanbase on the social music platform. Your drops appear on their feed, and it’s a sign these fans are genuinely interested in your music and personality, too.

But like all other social media, growing your followers – not just an army of bots, but high-quality, engaged followers – is no easy feat. In a fast-growing community of more than 37 million users, it’s easy to get drowned out. So just how do you grow your followers on BandLab?

Now that we’ve got your attention, here are some real-world tips to grow your followers on BandLab.

Get yourself out there

We’ve all got our social media accounts out there. Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Facebook… That’s an audience who may want to keep up with your work on BandLab.

Here’s some marketing 101 – include a call to action in your social media posts. “Follow me on BandLab for my latest drops”, “Check out my music on BandLab.” Believe it or not, it helps when you simply ask.

Engage. And be authentic

Just like real life, authenticity goes a long way to building genuine relationships. Sitting by the sidelines and being a lurker is fine, but not when your goal is to grow your followers on BandLab.

Take the time to engage with other creators on BandLab. Drop a like, a meaningful comment, fork their tracks or even repost their work. A little goes a long way when you do this regularly. It’s just like making friends, right? None of that “follow for follow” BS.

Collaborate on BandLab

Collaborations are a sure-fire way to get noticed. Everyone from musicians, artists and brands have proven how effective collaborations can be. Why? You tap into your collaborator’s audience and they tap into yours. 

BandLab makes collaboration easy. We do a bit of explaining here.

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Forks, for real

Forking on BandLab

There is a huge part of the BandLab community who are looking for beats or backing tracks to work with. If you’re a producer, this is a golden opportunity to get noticed and appreciated.

Dedicate some of your creations for the purpose of having users fork them. Create backing tracks for the BandLab community to fork. They can then remix, rap, sing or just jam along to it and of course, credit you when they publish it. You’re being a valuable resource to the community! 

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Maintain a slick profile page

First impressions count. With BandLab 10.0’s brand new profile page, you want one that clearly shows everyone your music and personal brand. Make sure you have a strong profile image, a clear and succinct bio, and all the right links to your social media profiles. You can also showcase your best work or music you want to highlight by pinning it at the top of your profile. 

Top tip: make sure you set up your Tip Jar so your fans can tip you for your music!

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Create a constant posting schedule

This tip is true for almost every social media platform out there. You’re giving everyone a solid incentive to follow you – so they don’t miss out on anything you post! There’s less reason to follow someone if they post once every six months. But if you can keep the excitement going by posting constantly, you’ll leave your fans wanting more.

On the other end of the spectrum, it also means you shouldn’t be posting too much. Spamming your followers’ feed is a surefire way to get unfollowed!

Get featured on BandLab’s Explore pages

Get featured on BandLab Explore to grow your followers

This one is much easier said than done. But we’ll let you in on a little secret – it’s not some convoluted algorithm that you need to game to get featured on Explore. Keep making good music and one day, you might just find yourself on a coveted featured page. Don’t spam others, and definitely don’t spam us to feature your music!

Another tip is to create tracks that are forkable (see above). We love tracks that encourage other users to jump on.

Join BandLab’s monthly Contests

BandLab Contests

If you’re new here or have been living under a BandLab rock, we drop contests every month. There are cash prizes of up to $500 for each round. Winning definitely helps your clout, but you really don’t have to win to get noticed when it comes to contests. 

Popular entries get to the top of the contest pages – that’ll get you noticed. But more importantly, great music will get the attention of our judges. We have featured many contest entries that did not win a prize on our Explore page. Go figure!

There you have it! These are just a few ways to grow your followers on BandLab, but they all take time, effort and a lot of dedication. But it’s worth it! 

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