BandLab Sounds gives you unlimited access to an extensive library of the latest royalty-free loops and samples.

Our goal has always been to provide creators with the tools they need to make great music, with as little in the way of that as possible. Read on to find out more about using BandLab Sounds.

Are the samples on BandLab Sounds royalty-free?

Yes! Any sound you like can be used either personally or commercially. 

Are there any limitations?

Our sounds are curated to spark creativity and inspire your next creation. Therefore, we cannot allow redistribution of these sounds as standalone or isolated samples. For example, you cannot upload these sounds to competitor services or distribute/sell a sample pack created in whole or part from BandLab Sounds. You cannot resell any samples without enacting some derivative or compositional process to the samples. 

Do I own 100% of the music I’ve made with BandLab Sounds samples?

Yes. We’re not in the business of owning your music. We want to empower creators on all stages of their journey and we firmly believe that whatever you make is 100% yours. Understandably, the samples that you used in the making of your music will continue to be owned by BandLab.

What if other users use the same samples as me? Am I still allowed to use them?

Yes! Our broad license applies to all users. 

Do I need to credit the original sample producer in my works? 

No, you do not.

Can I use BandLab Sounds in works for podcasts, video games, or films? 

Yes. However, the work needs to follow our Terms of Use: you cannot use samples that have not undergone some compositional process. For example, you could compose an awesome intro for your soon to be #1 podcast using our samples, but you can’t use them as individual sound effects without some sort of transformation.

What if I use a sample in isolation during one of my compositions?

Totally fine! As long as the sample is a part of a larger composition as a whole, there are no problems. So if that soloed 808 loop is just perfect for your bridge, go for it. 

If I delete my BandLab account, am I still allowed to use the samples I downloaded?

You are still free to use whatever samples you downloaded as long as you follow our Terms of Use, even if you decide to leave the BandLab family 😣.

Can I distribute BandLab Sounds in other applications or services?

No. BandLab Sounds cannot be used to populate sampler presets, loop libraries, or sample packs distributed through competitors. For example, you could use our sounds in your favorite Ableton Drum Rack, but you cannot distribute or sell a drum rack preset as an instrument made containing BandLab sounds.

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