We’ve hit a whopping 50 million creators here on BandLab, and we’re thrilled to keep the celebrations going by announcing the BandLab Creator Grant! It’s our way of giving back to the community by providing financial support to creators each year, empowering them to reach new heights.

Creator Grant is an annual fund totalling $60K USD that we’ll be awarding to select creators on BandLab who have shown great dedication, resourcefulness, and growth in their creator journeys. 

Recipients of the grant can use the funds to invest in their creative process – anything from creating content and purchasing instruments, to social ads or a marketing campaign.

Who is eligible for the grant?

Any BandLab creator above the age of 13 worldwide can be selected to receive the grant. This year’s recipients have already been chosen, but there’s always next year! In the future, we may even open up Creator Grant applications as a free Opportunity (no subscription needed) so watch this space.

Introducing our 2022 Creator Grant recipients

  1. Cl4pers, the 14-year-old rapper who made a song called “Want Me” on BandLab. He’s gone viral on TikTok and made a music video that garnered over 1M views in 10 days. He’s also creating an album on BandLab and you’ll be seeing more of him on our socials very soon, so look out! 
  1. MJbeats, one of the most played and forked creators on BandLab with 3.38M plays. He learnt the very basics of production techniques on BandLab, and now makes beats daily for our community.
  1. Rapper, singer, and songwriter ILENE, who won the first Tracklanta competition. She was spotted on Instagram by multi-platinum music producer Epikh Pro, and is now working with him on a solo EP.
  1. Hip-hop and R&B artist T.W.I.N, who like ILENE, won the Tracklanta competition. Since then, T.W.I.N has dabbled in production, worked on a few different mixtapes, and is about to release an album this month.
  1. The ultimate BandLab rapper hypeman KngWilo, who makes videos reacting to BandLab rappers on his YouTube channel. 

What’s next for Creator Grant recipients?

The creators we choose are free to take on any creative endeavor they like, even if it doesn’t involve BandLab! We simply want to support them in pursuing and elevating their craft. 

“BandLab has been such an instrumental part of all of the growth that I’ve seen as an artist. You have made such a huge impact on my life in the few short years I’ve been with you guys. I’m grateful you all see the potential in me and that you want to invest in me,” says ILENE – and it’s comments like this that keep us going. 

Have what it takes to be a Creator Grant recipient next year? Tell us why here.

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