AutoPitch is a powerful tool for vocal production: it’s free, easy to use, and enables vocalists and rappers to sound like their favorite artists. But in order to satiate the creativity of our talented community, we looked at even more ways to empower you to go all out in your vocal creations.

Enter AutoPitch Vocal Effects: a major upgrade to your well-loved pitch correction tool! To help you get started on the right note, we’ve compiled this handy tutorial with everything you need to know. 

Where to find AutoPitch

AutoPitch can be accessed directly within BandLab Studio, so there’s no need to go through multiple apps for professional pitch correction. Here’s how: 

How to access AutoPitch

First, add or record a vocal track in Studio. On the web, AutoPitch will appear in the instrument panel as the default view.

If you’re using your phone, tap the microphone icon, then click on the AutoPitch tab. 

Adding a vocal track in Studio will immediately take you to the track view on both mobile and web. If you’re in the arrangement view, tap the microphone icon to switch to track view.  

And you’re in! You can do many things using our well-loved voice processing feature – pitch-shift your vocals to hit the right notes, or toggle the knob to adjust the AutoPitch correction rate and create interesting textures. 

Changing the key on AutoPitch

AutoPitch will automatically correct the key to a chromatic scale, meaning that your track will be corrected to one of the semitones. However, you can easily change the key:

On web: Select a tonic and choose a scale from the drop down menu.

On mobile: Tap on “Chromatic” in the top right corner, and select your tonic and scale from the panel.

Adjusting the correction rate on AutoPitch

You can toggle the level knob to adjust the AutoPitch rate of correction. The strength of the effect is the same for all vocal effects – toggling the knob simply changes the rate at which AutoPitch corrects the input note to the target pitch. 

For instance, if you dial it up to 100%, you will hear your track adjusted to the correct pitch instantly. Conversely, lower it to 1% and you will hear your input note correct to the target note a bit more slowly. 

Enter the new and upgraded AutoPitch

Now, for the fun part. Our well-loved AutoPitch feature just got updated with four new built-in vocal effects that’ll help you sound like a pro. These effects suit a wide range of vocal styles, and they’re really easy to pick up. Whether or not you have production experience, you’ll be able to harness these effects for creative expression and shape your unique sound! 

  • Choose from five free vocal effects

Once you select the AutoPitch icon, you’ll see five different AutoPitch Vocal Effects. Don’t worry, the original AutoPitch effect is still there as Classic – but we’ve added four brand new effects: Modern Rap, Robot, Big Harmony, and Duet!

You can turn on monitoring to hear your desired effect in real-time, or record a track and play it back to hear the effect applied. All five vocal effects offer pitch correction, with a slight twist in style and vibe:

Modern Rap combines deep pitch with a vocoder for those crispy hip-hop vocals, Robot synthesizes your vocals for that Optimus Prime effect, Big Harmony harmonizes your vocal in any given key for a large chorus effect, and Duet bolsters your vocals with a second harmony.

Play around with these effects to create your own signature sound – all of them offer different sonic possibilities, and are customizable in the same way that AutoPitch is. Whether you’re a singer, rapper, or producer, this is your personal playground for infinite musical expression! 

The A to Z of AutoPitch 

Raring to go? Before you jump in, take a look at some frequently asked questions from our community about AutoPitch, so you can make the most of the feature: 

Top FAQ about AutoPitch

1) How do I set AutoPitch to the correct key?

If you’re starting a new project from scratch, the key of the project can be set within Studio settings. If you import a track into Studio, the key will automatically be detected and AutoPitch will be set to the same key.

2) How do I adjust AutoPitch Vocal Effects using the knob?

The AutoPitch Vocal Effects are either on or off. To hear the vocal effect applied, dial up the knob from 0%. The AutoPitch knob only adjusts the correction rate of the effect applied.

3) How do I disable the vocal effects?

  • On web, toggle the switch located on the top left corner of the AutoPitch panel.
  • On mobile, either tap on the active AutoPitch Vocal Effect icon or turn the knob down to 0%, which turns it off.

4) What will happen to the previous projects that I’ve applied AutoPitch to?

The Classic AutoPitch Vocal Effect is the same as your go-to AutoPitch feature! All your previous projects that use AutoPitch will not be changed — they’ll just be set to Classic from now.

5) What’s the difference between AutoPitch and Auto-Tune? 

While both AutoPitch and Auto-Tune will help you achieve professional pitch correction, AutoPitch builds on the success of the auto-tune category, with the added versatility of interesting vocal effects. Best of all, it’s completely free and can be accessed directly within BandLab Studio!

Try AutoPitch Vocal Effects now 

And that’s it! Now that you know how to use these effects, ready to give it a go? Start recording and tag us on Instagram and TikTok – we can’t wait to hear your unique creations!