From the Team / 14 December 2022

AutoPitch got an upgrade: Meet AutoPitch Vocal Effects!

We made AutoPitch to empower vocalists, rappers and producers to get creative and sound their best — and it’s fast become one of the most well-loved features on BandLab. With this free pitch correction feature, you can pitch-shift your vocals to hit the right notes, unleash your creativity, and create interesting textures to give your track that extra oomph.

In fact, our community put the autotune debate to rest, proving it’s a credible form of creative expression. Just browse #bandlab on TikTok and you’ll see how our creators have been applying AutoPitch in a myriad of ways! But your talent knows no bounds — you’ve been itching for more, and we hear you. 

Taking AutoPitch to the next level

With that, we’re thrilled to announce that your favorite vocal pitch correction tool just got a MAJOR upgrade. BandLab AutoPitch has been updated with AutoPitch Vocal Effects! We’ve added four unique vocal effects for you to experiment with, and don’t worry – our original AutoPitch effect that you know and love is still there, now renamed “Classic”. Use these vocal effects for singing, rapping, to add texture to your vocals, and so much more — we can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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Shaping your sound with AutoPitch Vocal Effects

Our vocal effects were designed to accommodate a wide range of vocal styles, and they’re easy to use. In just a tap or click, anyone can sound like a pro — no production experience necessary.

Raw vocals

Don’t just take our word for it, hear the difference yourself! Listen to the track above, then hear how it sounds when each effect is applied below:


This is the signature AutoPitch effect that our community loves, modeled on the classic automated pitch correction found in countless popular songs.

Modern Rap

This effect combines deep pitch with a vocoder, adding an alluring modern rap aesthetic to your bars similar to Lil Uzi Vert and Travis Scott.


Transform your voice à la Optimus Prime with this vocoder effect that synthesizes your vocals into a robotic sound.

Big Harmony

This effect harmonizes your vocal in any given key, so you can harness a Jacob Collier-esque choir harmony with just your voice.


With this effect, you can amplify your voice to achieve a precise two-tone harmony. 

As seen above, you can turn the dial the up and down to adjust the AutoPitch rate of correction. Turn on monitoring to hear the effect in real time, or record a track and play it back to hear the effect applied.

Like all our creator tools, these vocal effects are 100% free and can be accessed directly within Studio. It’s never been easier to achieve professional pitch correction — no more paid plugins or disruption to your workflow! 

Try AutoPitch Vocal Effects now 

Like what you hear? It’s your turn. Experiment with our new vocal effects and craft your unique sound now! To make the most of AutoPitch Vocal Effects, check out this handy tutorial.

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