From the Team / 22 April 2016

Band management made easy

Whether it’s guiding U2 through a 110-date world tour, or making sure all the brown M&Ms are taken out of the bowl backstage, Band management has always had its challenges.

Which is why, on BandLab, we’ve now made it easier than ever to manage your Bands (and Band members).

It’s your call

There are 3 different levels of permission in a band: the Owner, Administrators and Members.

Everyone in the Band can create new songs, edit existing songs and edit their own profiles.

Administrators and Owners have additional rights like:

  • Sending invites to other users to join the Band
  • Accepting requests from other users to join the Band
  • Editing the Band Profile
  • Granting Administrator rights
  • Removing Band Members

In addition to those points, an Owner can:

  • Revoke Administrator rights
  • Delete the Band (Careful! See below.)

Here’s how to assign these roles to your band members:

1. Click on your profile picture at the top right of the screen and click on “My Bands”.


2. Select the Band you want to manage


3. Click the dropdown menu next to the Band name and then choose “Manage Members”.


4. Click on the dropdown menu next to the user whose role you want to change.

You can also assign roles on your mobiles devices:

On Android


On iOS

What happens if I leave or delete my Band?

If you’re the Owner of the Band and you choose to leave, you must first select another member to become the new Owner.

If you delete your Band… Please be nice and let your Band members know before you do it, because all the songs in the Band will be deleted as well.

So there you go—managing a Band on BandLab made easy. Well, at least there aren’t as many destroyed hotel rooms to deal with, anyway.

Why not form or join a Band on BandLab today? Just like out on the road, when you play together, amazing things are possible.

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