If you happen to be one of the many talented beatmakers or creators on BandLab, you’re in for a treat! Just in case it slipped under your radar: Airbit, a prominent global marketplace for instrumental beats, joined the BandLab Technologies family earlier this year. Music producers have collectively raked in over $50 million on Airbit, and their catalog boasts an impressive collection of more than two million beats. This partnership gave rise to the world’s largest beat community, and the start of exciting new possibilities for creators around the world.

Since then, Airbit has made even more significant strides, including removing all marketplace commissions, enhancing their free Basic plan, and introducing the option for users to register and log in using their BandLab accounts. But that was just the beginning. 

Now, BandLab and Airbit are introducing new beat-sharing features that will redefine your buying and selling experience. These features provide benefits for both BandLab users and Airbit producers alike. Plus, if you’re a creator on BandLab, you now have direct access to a global beats marketplace right from your BandLab feed. This makes it easy for you to explore, purchase, and license beats from Airbit’s extensive catalog.

Let’s dive into the possibilities these brand-new features offer.

BandLab and Airbit: New features for seamless beat-sharing

1. Expand your reach with Airbit embeds on BandLab

With the integration of Airbit embeds on BandLab, sharing your beats has never been easier. This user-friendly feature enables you to embed your beats directly into BandLab posts from Airbit, significantly expanding your reach and connecting you with a broader audience. 

Airbit embeds on BandLab | new beat sharing features and integrations

What’s more, it pairs perfectly with the BandLab Boost feature, empowering you to promote your posts and give your beats the attention they deserve within BandLab’s 60 million-strong community.

Airbit embeds on BandLab pair perfectly with BandLab Boost | new beat sharing features and integrations

2. Share beats straight from your Airbit catalog

But that’s not all! Airbit producers now have an even more convenient way to share their beats. With the “Share to BandLab” button at your fingertips, you can easily select any beat from Airbit’s extensive catalog and click to share on BandLab.

Once clicked, BandLab will open with the beat already embedded in a new post, streamlining the promotion process and amplifying your reach to BandLab’s music-loving creator community. 

While native embeds will initially be available on the BandLab web platform, mobile compatibility is on the horizon for future releases.

Airbit and BandLab new beat sharing features are available on BandLab web platform, and soon on mobile.

Are you a producer with epic beats that have the potential to take an artist to the next level? We have what you need to place your creations in the spotlight. Register or log in to Airbit with your BandLab account to give these new beat-sharing features a spin. 

Psst… there’s a lot more where that came from, so stay tuned to find out what’s coming next. We’re just getting started!