If you’re an up-and-coming vocalist or rapper, you know the struggle of finding the right beats to match your vocals. It can be a challenge if you’re still learning the ropes of music production, or if you’re worried about the copyright risks of downloading low-quality royalty-free music or “type beats” from sites like YouTube. Plus, working with top-tier producers can be way out of budget when you’re a newcomer on the scene. 

That’s why we introduced BandLab Beats: a curated catalog of ready-made, premium beats to rap to or sing over, available for licensing at different price points. Read on to find out what you can do with a BandLab Beats license! 

Why should I choose BandLab Beats?

There’s plenty of reasons to choose BandLab Beats for your music needs. For starters, you can ease your mind from copyright concerns – knowing the origin of our beats ensures that all samples are cleared for use. Plus, there’s no need to worry about quality or royalty issues. That’s because every beat you purchase is accompanied by a non-exclusive license with a 10-year fixed term.

What does this mean? Well, it enables producers to rent or lease their beats to multiple artists, like yourself, while still holding exclusive rights to the instrumental. Think of it as a mutually beneficial arrangement: you can freely use the beat in all your songs or projects for 10 years without worrying about copyright strikes, while the producer retains the option to sell the same beat to other artists. This setup allows you to acquire quality beats without shelling out a hefty sum.

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Looking for a specific beat? Find what you need from a wide range of hip-hop, trap, pop, dance, and EDM beats for sale. With prices ranging from $10 to $50, you can find one that fits your budget.

The best part? Seamlessly handle your beat purchase right within the BandLab app (download it here), from finding the perfect beat to crafting your masterpiece. Just launch the app, go to the Create tab, explore beats, and purchase your chosen beat. Then, open it directly in BandLab Studio and start creating immediately!

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Once you’re in, feel free to tweak or edit the beat with the various creation tools in Studio, or record vocals over the ready-made beat. 

What can you do with a BandLab Beats non-exclusive license?

1. Use it across all your creative projects

Use a BandLab Beat with a non-exclusive license for up to 10 years in your creative projects.

BandLab Beats aren’t just for one-time use. With a non-exclusive license in hand, they can be used in multiple creative endeavors from streaming to radio airplay over a period of 10 years!

Plus, transforming your freshly purchased beat into a release-ready hit is easy. Start by recording your vocals and syncing them with the beat. Then, drop your track in BandLab Mastering for a final polish.

Want to make the beat your own? Customize it to match your unique style in Studio! Tweak the tempo, add effects, and more. Tip: Use Voice Cleaner to clean up your vocals, or get creative with AutoPitch vocal effects like Modern Rap or Robot, and more. 

2. Release and monetize your music, worry-free!

use BandLab Beats with a non-exclusive license in your global distributions, worry-free!

Ready to take your music to the masses, and maybe even pad your pockets with extra cash? Thanks to your non-exclusive license, you can use these beats in your tracks and release them on major streaming platforms without copyright worries. Get your music on Spotify, Apple Music, and other major platforms via Distribution, and keep 100% of your royalties with an active Membership! Don’t forget to share your tracks on social media to amplify your presence and connect with fans. 

3. Perform your songs at live events

You’re free to use your licensed beats to add flavor to your live performances. Use them as backing tracks to enhance your live renditions of original songs, or integrate them directly into your arrangements!

Plus, with the BandLab Beats library refreshed each week with 10 new drops, you’ll always find fresh inspiration for your next musical endeavor. Ready to find the perfect match for your bars? Dive into our collection of premium beats and use them in your projects with confidence.

Note: this link can only be opened on your mobile device.