With BandLab Mastering, our goal has always been simple: to make mastering music, the final step to music production, as effortless as it can be. Just upload your track, apply a preset, and achieve a release-ready sound with ease. We even introduced a video export feature in our last update – perfect for creators who want audio-enhanced videos for platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.

Now, we’re excited to take your mastering experience to the next level with preset intensity controls – available exclusively with Membership. Shape your final sound by adjusting the intensity of each preset with a drag of the slider – no technical expertise required!

Enhance your tracks with BandLab Mastering

As a Member, you unlock early access to four exclusive mastering presets – Natural, Cinematic, Spatial, and Punch – on top of four existing free presets – Universal, Fire, Clarity, and Tape

These presets were designed in collaboration with Grammy-winning, multi-Platinum audio experts like Mandy Parnell, Mike Tucci, Maria Elisa Ayerbe and more. Read on to see how they can work in different ways to enhance your tracks.

  • Universal – Maintains dynamics and tones across rock, pop, electronic, and alternative music
  • Fire – Provides punchy lows and clear midrange for trap, experimental, and reggaeton tracks
  • Clarity – Sharpens highs and enhances details in classical and R&B mixes
  • Tape – Adds warm tape saturation to alternative, indie, jazz, and rock tracks
bandlab mastering preset intensity controls | universal, fire, clarity, tape
  • Natural – Preserves the original tone of acoustic or natural-sounding mixes while enhancing clarity
  • Cinematic Emphasizes the punchy low-end and preserves dynamic range in orchestral and film music
  • Spatial – Expands stereo width using spatialization effects like Stereowise
  • Punch – Adds impact and definition to hip hop and rap tracks – an alternative to the Fire preset
new bandlab mastering presets | preset intensity controls | natural, spatial, cinematic, punch

How to adjust preset intensity on BandLab Mastering

With a BandLab Membership, you can start experimenting with preset intensity controls to achieve your desired sound. Find the bass too overpowering with the Fire preset? Dial back its intensity by dragging the slider to the “Light” setting. Want more tape saturation to come through in your mix? Crank the Tape preset up to the “Heavy” setting. Here’s how to get started!

First, import your audio file into BandLab Mastering.

upload your track in to bandlab mastering | preset intensity controls

You’ll find the preset intensity controls beneath each selected preset on BandLab mobile, and above them on the web version!

bandlab mastering preset intensity controls

Choose a preset and adjust its intensity using the slider. Go with Light for a more subtle adjustment, Normal for a middle ground, and Heavy for a more pronounced effect.

adjust slider | preset intensity controls bandlab

Like what you hear? Hit export!

Ready for a more flexible mastering experience? Sign up for Membership to unlock more presets, along with preset intensity controls in BandLab Mastering. Plus, you’ll gain access to an expanding list of creator tools, artist services, and platform perks to propel your creator journey. Not ready to commit? Start your 3-day free trial to try all these perks for free!