If you’re a creator on BandLab, you’re probably no stranger to BandLab Mastering. Our well-loved online mastering service was designed with world-renowned artists and Grammy-winning sound engineers to help polish your audio before release. And now, we’re excited to announce a brand new update for all the casual video creators out there! With our new video export feature, your smartphone is all you need to obtain audio-enhanced videos that are ready to be posted on your favorite apps like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube Shorts.

Polish the audio quality in your videos with ease

In today’s world, short-form video content is king. Whether you’re a vocalist recording casual singing videos for TikTok, or an instrumentalist sharing videos of your music progress on Reels or Shorts, the sound quality in your videos makes a big difference in getting your talent noticed.

With BandLab Mastering, you can get pro-quality audio for your videos in seconds. The biggest plus? There’s no need to fiddle around with separate apps and features to sync your mastered audio with your video. The video export feature makes the process extremely seamless, so you can polish your content quickly without breaking a sweat!

How to use video export in BandLab Mastering

To use the new video export feature in BandLab Mastering, follow these simple steps. First, navigate to the Create tab on BandLab and open the Mastering tool. Once you’re in, tap the “+” button and select a video to import.

Import your video into BandLab Mastering to use the video export feature.

After uploading, you can select from four free presets – Universal, Fire, Clarity, and Tape – or four Member-exclusive presets – Natural, Cinematic, Spatial, and Punch – to enhance your video’s audio. As you select different presets, you can play the video in real-time to hear the changes and compare which one suits your content best. Toggle between “Original” and “Mastered” to hear the before and after!

Here’s what each preset can help you achieve in your mix:

  • Universal – Balances dynamics and tones
  • Fire – Adds punchy lows and clear midrange
  • Clarity – Enhances highs with subtle dynamic expansion
  • Tape – Provides warm tape saturation with analog vibes
  • Natural – Preserves original acoustic tones with added clarity
  • Cinematic – Emphasizes low-end punch while preserving dynamics
  • Spatial – Increases stereo width for a more expansive sound
  • Punch – Adds impact and definition, perfect for hip hop and rap
Toggle between four different presets in BandLab Mastering.

When in doubt, let your ears guide you. If you’ve unlocked Membership, explore preset intensity controls to shape your final sound. Tweak each preset with a drag of the slider for a more subtle or pronounced effect.

preset intensity controls bandlab mastering video export

Once you’re satisfied with the results, hit “Export”. In just a few seconds, your new video will be ready to save or share! Save it to your phone instantly, or share your video directly on your favorite social media platforms, chat apps, and more.

When you're done using the new video export feature on BandLab Mastering, share your video directly on social media platforms or chat apps.

Only need the mastered audio file from your video? No problem. Tap “Export audio” to extract just the audio recording instead.

Ready to start dropping high-quality videos? Head over to BandLab Mastering and try the new video export feature today. If you love this update, keep your eyes peeled for more exciting features in the pipeline!