Passionate about music creation? We want to empower you with ways to get your music out there, make a living from your talent, and propel your creator journey to the next level. That’s where BandLab Membership comes in.

In this subscription that costs less than your Netflix sub ($14.95 USD) per month, you’ll gain access to exclusive tools to empower creation, artist services to fuel your growth, and platform perks to stand out on BandLab. Keep reading to find out more.

What does your BandLab Membership get you?

1. Exclusive tools to empower creation

Gain access to exclusive tools and features designed to enhance your music-making process, and open up more creative possibilities in Studio and beyond. 

This includes permanent Member-exclusive features (with more to come) like the latest update on Splitter, boasting a much-requested guitar stem separation.

  • 5-track stem separation on SplitterKick your practice sessions up a notch, and split your audio tracks into five stems instead of four, complete with guitar separation. Plus, enjoy faster separation speeds even during peak demand!
BandLab Membership | Splitter updated features

Plus, explore an expanding list of beta features that you’ll get to try before anyone else!

  • 32-tracks in Studio – Experience more creative flexibility with a track limit that’s doubled from the usual 16, providing ample space to layer vocals or instruments in your tracks.
bandlab membership | 32 tracks in studio
  • Voice-to-MIDI – No musical expertise? No worries. Turn your vocal recordings into more than 370 Virtual Instruments in just a tap.
bandlab membership | voice to midi
  • Voice Cleaner – With this AI-powered Voice Cleaner, record your vocals wherever you are and effortlessly achieve clean takes anytime.
bandlab membership | voice cleaner

Before Voice Cleaner:

After Voice Cleaner:

  • 4 new Mastering presets – In addition to our four free BandLab Mastering presets, unlock exclusive access to four Membership-only presets: Natural, Cinematic, Spatial, and Punch.
bandlab membership | 4 new mastering presets

Learn about our beta creation tools, and keep tabs on new feature drops here.

2. Artist services to fuel your growth

Want to land your dream gig or record deal, distribute your music to major platforms, and personalize your fan interactions? We’ve got you covered. Explore:

  • Unlimited OpportunitiesExplore endless Opportunities to connect with a wide spectrum of industry partners and pitch for your dream gig – including record labels, esteemed publications, booking agents, and professional services.
  • DistributionRelease your original music on major streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and beyond. You’ll get to reach global audiences, and keep 100% of your royalties and rights.
distribution | bandlab membership
  • Fan Reach –  Use Fan Reach to effectively market your music, build a contactable list of listeners, and grow your fanbase. Engage with your supporters by sending them personalized messages, creating exclusive content, and teasing new music.
fan reach | bandlab membership

3. Platform perks to stand out on BandLab

Get your profile promoted to high-traffic spots in the BandLab app, and unlock more perks to help you stand out in our 100 million-strong community of music creators.

  • Profile Boost – Get your profile promoted in BandLab’s social feeds and receive between 3.5 to 7.5k impressions on your profile per month.
  • Custom profile banner – Stand out from the crowd and grab the attention of fellow creators, collaborators, and fans with a custom profile banner that reflects your unique style and personality.
custom profile banner | bandlab membership
  • Multiple profile photos – Showcase different facets of your musical journey by adding multiple profile photos – whether it’s snapshots from your latest recording session, live performances, or candid moments in the studio.
feature up to 5 profile pictures | bandlab membership

Accelerate your goals with Membership

If you’re a musician looking to take your career to the next level, a BandLab Membership is your secret weapon. Open new doors in your creator journey with a monthly or annual subscription today – your dreams are within reach!