Got your dream gig laid out on your vision board? Opportunities is the next step to manifesting those what-ifs into career possibilities. Whether you’ve just found out about Opportunities or there’s one that caught your eye, you’ll want to peep this guide. We’ve pulled the top questions about Opportunities from the BandLab community, so you’ll have all the info you need to start smashing those goals!

What exactly is BandLab Opportunities?

BandLab Opportunities allows creators of all levels to grow their careers and open new doors in the music industry. The service helps artists like you to book shows and festivals, get press features, sign to labels, and more.

How does Opportunities benefit me as a creator?

With Opportunities, we want to empower all creators with the tools to take the next step in their music careers. Whether it’s honing your skills with an acclaimed industry professional, or shooting your shot at a record deal – Opportunities will connect you to gigs that match your sound and goals.

How do I apply for Opportunities? 

With BandLab Membership, you’ll gain exclusive access to unlimited Opportunities. Head to the Explore page and tap on ‘New Opportunities’ to access the service. Once there, you’ll be able to access an extensive list of Opportunities. 

If you have something specific in mind, simply type it into the search bar. 

On web, you can also narrow down the type of Opportunity you’re looking for by ticking the relevant boxes on the left side of the screen.

Once you’ve set your eyes on your desired Opportunity, hit the “Submit” button on the right side of the Opportunity page. And voilà, you’ve just put yourself out there – your BandLab profile and music will be sent for consideration.

The Opportunities service makes a potentially tedious process easy and fuss-free. With just a click, you can get your music and brand directly in front of decision-makers in the industry!

How do I pick the right Opportunity for me?

Have an idea of the type of Opportunity you’re looking for? Go ahead and apply to as many as you want. Are you a punk maverick who’s gunning for a record deal? Look for a label that prides itself on representing that specific sound or genre. Been making music for a while, and ready to get your songs out there? Then a publication feature might be just what you need.

If you haven’t got a clear direction yet, each Opportunity page has a detailed description of the offer as well as information about the partner. That way, you can find out if your creative vision aligns with the offer and brand.

Do I have to be an experienced musician to apply?

Not at all. With Opportunities, we want all creators in our growing community to have the resources to take the next step in their careers. For one artist, that might be leaning on the expertise of an acclaimed sound engineer to fine-tune their track. For another artist, it may be the chance to get signed by a label that champions their sound and brand vision.

With such a diverse mix of Opportunities, there’s something to suit artists at every stage of their creator journey. Opportunities are a good way to get your foot into the music industry, get valuable feedback, polish your skills, and more. If you see one that calls out to you, go for it!

How do I improve my chances of landing an Opportunity?

Think of your submission as your portfolio – it’s the window to understanding you, your music, and your personal brand. If music is the only thing you’re featuring on your feed, that’s a missed opportunity! Maintaining a slick profile page is a great way to project your unique persona and showcase your personality.

We also recommend posting content regularly and making an effort to engage with the community. That way, music executives who visit your profile can get the lowdown on your best work, while scoring a glimpse into the authentic connections that you’ve forged with your fans

The Opportunity I’m eyeing is only scouting for one artist. Should I even try? 

We know it can be daunting to put yourself out there amongst the sea of talent. However, don’t underestimate the power of taking that first step – a single Opportunity can unleash a ripple effect that could change up your career.

When that someday feels far away, remind yourself that Opportunities are a valuable way to expand your connections – connect with fans, venues, festivals, brands, blogs, and labels –  and get that much closer to your goals. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take!  

I didn’t hear back from my last application. What can I do? 

While it can be disheartening if you haven’t heard back after your application, keep in mind that everyone progresses at a different pace. If you get turned down, take it as a learning tool to move ahead and secure your next opportunity instead of letting it define you. The more you put yourself out there and invest in yourself, the more likely you are to scoop up your dream gig.

I’ve missed out on the deadline! Where can I stay up to date with Opportunities?

Our Opportunities are always changing, be sure to keep an eye out for them on Instagram and BandLab. You’re just a click away from submission, so act immediately when you see an Opportunity that lights you up.

Is the Opportunities service available on both mobile and web? 

Yes. With BandLab Membership, you can start applying for unlimited Opportunities right away on both your phone and desktop. Ready to strike something off your vision board? 📌