From Billboard breakthrough artist d4vd to crowd favorites SSJ Twiin and thekidACE, there’s no shortage of brilliant creators on BandLab. Whether you’re making waves within the community or hustling with your head down, yet to be discovered – your talent deserves a stage to shine.

With that, here’s a PSA on the all-new BandLab Radio! This is a space for creators and non-creators alike to appreciate quality music that’s released daily on BandLab. Whether you’re a creator looking to grow your audience or an avid music fan – tune in to BandLab Radio and be at the forefront of what’s next in music!

Spin BandLab’s Best

Tomorrow’s biggest artists, here today

With BandLab Radio, we want to elevate the diverse pool of top-notch talent on BandLab. Handpicked by the team, we’ll spotlight creators across all genres who are shaping the future of music. We’ve seen what you’re capable of, and it’s time the world did the same. 

More of an appreciator, or the one in the group who’s always got a new banger to share? Here’s your chance to discover the latest cutting-edge music by the endless pool of talent on BandLab. Be the first to hear about artists on the come-up, share the word, and show your support as a day-one fan!

Listen to the best on BandLab 

Ready to listen to the best artists before anyone else? Tap the Explore tab within the BandLab app to locate BandLab Radio. Whether you’re on the go or just chilling out, you can always tune in to an exclusive curation of quality music.

The first station we’re rolling out is Global Mix, an eclectic compilation of the best songs on BandLab. More specialized stations are in the works, so keep tuning in to enjoy all your favorite genres (we have it on good authority that Hip-Hop and Pop are next)!

Get on our radar

Have what it takes to impress the most discerning ears? Our team will be scouring for fresh tunes to spin based on popularity, quality, timeliness, trends, and relevancy. To put it simply – if you’ve got us searching for the replay button, we’ll consider it for rotation. But most importantly, we’re looking for an original track dripping in your unique style. 

To secure yourself some airtime, keep to the grind with those quality tunes. We’ll have our ears peeled for the crème de la crème making waves in the community. Keep creating and sharing your best tunes to increase your chances of getting featured!

Tune in to BandLab Radio

Keep finessing that masterpiece, and you might have your music broadcast to millions – even audiences outside of BandLab! This feature is now being rolled out to all BandLab creators in stages. If you’re one of the first lucky few, it’s time to get your headphones on and discover new gems on BandLab Radio.

Tune In Here