From the Team / 7 July 2016

BandLab Welcomes Composr

Today, we welcome Composr and its users to the BandLab community!

Composr is an iOS and web-based music collaboration app that’s all about recording music socially and collaborating with musicians all around the world. A goal that we share here at BandLab, too. Nick den Engelsman, founder of Composr, found us on Product Hunt, and when he suggested joining forces, we knew it would be a win-win for everyone.

Look at that—who says online dating doesn’t work? Obviously, the conversation continued, and it wasn’t long before what started out as a chance encounter became an official relationship. So now, we’re excited to welcome the talented Composr users to BandLab. As Nick den Engelsman says:

“Aligning with BandLab will give Composr’s community of users powerful new features and functionality and will accelerate Composr’s mission to help musicians record songs socially. I’m really looking forward to joining this particular band!”

What’s in it for everyone?

Composr users can now join BandLab’s community of social musicians, and also get access to the many incredible features that will help them make music and collaborate. And for any Composr users who have ever wished they could make music with their Android-using friends, BandLab now offers that opportunity.

Everyone wins—a larger community means it’ll be so much easier to start a collaboration. More people = more music = more fun!

This is an exciting new chapter for BandLab. Nick joins our growing team of talented developers and we’ll be seeing plenty of new faces and new music on BandLab.

For Composr users, it’s not too late to move your account over to BandLab! It’s a seamless process and we’ll make sure you don’t lose any of your songs and data from your Composr profile. For more details on how to go about it, click here.

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