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Behind the Loops: Youngr

Behind the Loops: Youngr

A literal one-man show and music making machine, Youngr became a YouTube sensation with his incredible one-take, technology-fuelled live show. Based in London, the multi-instrumentalist producer has gone on to perform at huge global festivals and racked up millions of streams on his tracks.

Today, Youngr has his very own sample pack on BandLab Sounds. You can download his samples for free, and you are free to use them whether for personal or commercial use.

Youngr’s Loop Pack on BandLab Sounds
Youngr’s Loop Pack on BandLab Sounds

His funk-filled sample pack has been hugely popular with users on the BandLab app since it dropped on Sounds. Eager to find out more, we had a chat with the multi-instrumentalist producer from his East London studio.

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Tell us about how you got started in music and how ultimately you became this awesome one-man-band!

Well, my Pops is a musician, so I’ve grown up with it, it actually seemed more normal than doing anything else! I’ve been in bands my whole life, playing the drums mainly, then I started getting into production and songwriting. Then naturally, started to make music on my own, which turned into making one-take videos of making bootlegs on the fly, which then turned into an artist project, which then turned into a live show! So, it wasn’t really planned, it just kind of, happened!

At BandLab we are all about giving musicians the tools they need to create. How has technology changed your working methods and what was the last piece of technology that changed how you produce or perform?

It was actually the new BOSS RC-500 Loop Station pedal. I’ve just hooked it up in my patch bay so I can loop synths and drum machines and everything. And it’s just made things way more fun. I’ve found different vibes when I work with loop pedals instead of Ableton’s clip view. Feels nice to not be in a laptop. Makes you focus on getting the right sound before it goes into Ableton. Instead of relying on plugins afterwards! 

Tell us about the production process for creating your BandLab Sounds sample pack for us. How did you approach it?

I approached it how I approach most the music I make – what’s the most fun I can have?! Just bought a nice Coles 4038 mic so I wanted to record some drums down that. And I also have been messing around with an old 1980’s camcorder. Recording guitar amps through the old mic to the tape inside it, then transferring them to Ableton, but when I record them in, I mess with the tracking to give it that lovely wobble. Also, one of my fave samples is the sub drop door! Ha! Every day I get to the studio, I open the door and this is sound it makes when it closes! It was the first thing I recorded for the sample pack!

Yeah, f**k the rules. There are no rules. And nobody knows what your music should sound like other than YOU!

What do you hope people get from the loops and samples?

Inspiration. A spark for an idea. There is nothing more valuable and special than that initial spark of creativity, and if I can be of assistance in another person’s creative spark, well, that would make my day!

What are your tips for BandLab users to improve their music, are there any great lessons you’ve learned about the music-making process or music industry you can share?

Yeah, f**k the rules. There are no rules. And nobody knows what your music should sound like other than YOU! Also, never settle with a sound. Fiddle with the sound till you don’t even know what it is you’re fiddling with (making sure you save as so you can undo though! Ha!)  Who knows, it might spark a melody or a b-section or you might just use the END of the crazy f**ked up sample and use the original for the first bit. Who knows. Never stop experimenting when you’re creating.

There is nothing more valuable and special than that initial spark of creativity, and if I can be of assistance in another person’s creative spark, well, that would make my day!

How have you stayed creative and inspired during the strange year of 2020?

Errrrm, it’s never really been a question of having to stay creative, I never really have to force myself to do it. I just love doing it so much – and it’s the only thing I CAN do! So, I just kept doing it in 2020! 

What’s your 2021 resolution? 

Positivity. As much positivity as I can spread, I’m gonna spread it. Like peanut butter on toast. 

What’s coming up for you?

I’m working on some new music. Just fiddling away, seeing what happens. Best place to virtually hang out is on my Instagram – @youngr_music. Any questions just drop me a DM! RIGHT ON!

BandLab Sounds lets you download your favorite samples from world class producers and artists like Youngr and more. All for free, and free to use whether personally or commercially.

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