Sign up for a BandLab Membership and get treated to amazing perks!
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BandLab Membership – Your ticket to exclusive creation tools, expansive artist services, and more

Passionate about music creation? We want to empower you with ways to get your music…

Splitter new features | A list of 7 new features to explore with BandLab's Splitter tool
From the Team 3 min read

Splitter, upgraded: Guitar stem separation and 6 more new features

BandLab’s free practice tool just got a major upgrade! If you’ve been using Splitter to…

A guide to experimental features on Backstage Pass via BandLab Membership.
From the Team 5 min read

Backstage Pass – Get early access to experimental features with this Membership update

Want to get first dibs on exclusive creation tools and social features that’ll take your…

Spotlight your talent on NME x Bose’s iconic C24 mixtape

Are you an unsigned artist with original tracks and a unique sound? NME and Bose are offering an exclusive chance, in partnership with BandLab, for an artist like you to…

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Bose x NME C24 Mixtape
Get enhanced audio-quality for your videos with BandLab Mastering's new video export feature.
From the Team 3 min read

BandLab Mastering, improved: Enhance the sound quality in your videos quickly

If you’re a creator on BandLab, you’re probably no stranger to BandLab Mastering. Our well-loved…

how to make money with your music
Guides 5 min read

How to make money with your music: 6 paths to pursue

As a budding beatmaker or musician, activities such as songwriting or beat-making are often done…

a guide to bandlab and airbit's new beat sharing features
From the Team 3 min read

Buy and sell beats seamlessly with new BandLab and Airbit integrations

If you happen to be one of the many talented beatmakers or creators on BandLab,…

October 2023 BandLab Contests
Contests 9 min read

October 2023 BandLab Contests: #DigitMusic, #SpookySeason, #TrickOrBeat

October's crisp air has summoned forth a trio of thrilling contests – two steeped in…

A guide to distribution
Guides 13 min read

The budding musician’s ultimate guide to music distribution in 2024

Overview: What is Music Distribution, How Does Music Distribution Work?, Traditional versus Digital Distribution, Free…

BandLab Distribution FAQ: Questions on royalties, pricing, and more.
Guides 4 min read

BandLab Distribution FAQ: Your questions on royalties, platforms, and more, answered

If you've landed here, chances are you're in search of a music distribution service –…