Sign up for a BandLab Membership and get treated to amazing perks!
From the Team 3 min read

BandLab Membership – Your ticket to exclusive creation tools, expansive artist services, and more

Passionate about music creation? We want to empower you with ways to get your music…

Splitter new features | A list of 7 new features to explore with BandLab's Splitter tool
From the Team 3 min read

Splitter, upgraded: Guitar stem separation and 6 more new features

BandLab’s free practice tool just got a major upgrade! If you’ve been using Splitter to…

A guide to experimental features on Backstage Pass via BandLab Membership.
From the Team 5 min read

Backstage Pass – Get early access to experimental features with this Membership update

Want to get first dibs on exclusive creation tools and social features that’ll take your…

March 2024 BandLab Contests: #Arturia, #BellasRimas, and #MelodicMarch 

Got bold musical ideas up your sleeve? Let your creativity thrive with three new contests in March, and give it your best shot for a chance to win up to…

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A guide on AudioStretch in BandLab.
From the Team 4 min read

AudioStretch – The ultimate transcription and audio editing tool

Whether you're tackling a complex guitar solo or creating a viral TikTok meme, AudioStretch is…

Guides 5 min read

How to post music to Spotify in 6 simple steps

So you’ve put the final polish on your latest track, and are ready to share…

Guides 5 min read

How to upload music to Apple Music in 6 simple steps

Have you heard? Apple Music announced the epic milestone of 100 million songs on their…

an introduction to distribution bandlab
Guides 4 min read

BandLab Distribution – Release your music and earn 100% royalties

For any up-and-coming artist or creator, getting your original music on major digital streaming platforms…

A guide on how to use BandLab Distribution.
Guides 4 min read

Create, share, cash in – How to use BandLab Distribution

Crafted some spectacular hits in Studio and want to find out how BandLab Distribution can…

Contests 7 min read

September 2023 BandLab Contests: #AfroFun, #DoURemember, and #PhonkItUp

Ready to challenge your limits with these brand new contests? Take some creative risks, fire…