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BandLab Membership – Your ticket to exclusive creation tools, expansive artist services, and more

Passionate about music creation? We want to empower you with ways to get your music…

Splitter new features | A list of 7 new features to explore with BandLab's Splitter tool
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Splitter, upgraded: Guitar stem separation and 6 more new features

BandLab’s free practice tool just got a major upgrade! If you’ve been using Splitter to…

A guide to experimental features on Backstage Pass via BandLab Membership.
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Backstage Pass – Get early access to experimental features with this Membership update

Want to get first dibs on exclusive creation tools and social features that’ll take your…

August 2022 Opportunities Picks

The Opportunities just keep coming! Last month, we released exciting opportunities with industry heavyweights like MONO, International Songwriting Competition and the iconic Heidi and Frank Show. This month, we present…

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For too long, we’ve all heard that the music industry is going to the dogs.…

bandlab chat
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Now you can share the music you love in BandLab Chat

We all want to share the music we love with other people. Now BandLab Chat…

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Our new web MIDI editor – every note, just where you want it

BandLab introduces a web MIDI Editor—giving you even greater control of your music. (more…)

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Android users now have a pro mix editor to use anywhere

If you like making music on your Android device, the latest BandLab Android update is…

Inspiration 1 min read

Inspiration is now even easier to find

We're very excited to introduce you to our new web-based Explore page. The latest improvement…

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Two is better than one: The power of collaboration

When we think of collaborations in music, legendary songwriting teams come to mind. Keith Richards…