With over 100 million creators in our community, BandLab is bursting with talent. That’s why we’ve introduced BandLab Boost so artists like you can enhance your visibility, and ensure your quality tracks reach a wider audience on the app. Better yet? Seize your chance to make an impact with 25% off your first campaign for a limited time only!

How to start a BandLab Boost campaign

Ready to amp up your exposure? It’s easier than ever to start a Boost campaign to promote your music – follow these 3 steps to set yourself up for success!

1. Pick quality content to Boost

First, identify the content that you want to Boost. A good rule of thumb? Choose high-quality tracks or memorable content to capture attention in a flooded feed. Apply these tips to increase your chances of engaging as many listeners and potential fans as possible:

  • Grab attention with your cover art – Make sure it’s both visually impactful, and captures what your music’s about!
  • Add an engaging caption to your post – Go beyond hashtags! It’s your chance to tell your artist story, showcase your personality, or invite collaborators.
  • Draw listeners in with a memorable song title – A compelling title can pique interest, and invite listeners to give your track a listen. 
  • Have a strong profile page – New listeners may visit your BandLab profile to learn more about you. Be sure to polish your profile to make a good first impression!

Confident about the post you want to Boost? Simply tap the purple “Boost” icon on the bottom right corner of your post to start your campaign.

2. Set your campaign budget and duration

Here’s the fun part: customize your own campaign! In a way, BandLab Boost is like your own mini ad campaign. You decide how much you want to spend (as low as $3 a day), and how long you want your post to be Boosted – it all depends on your goals! Reach refers to your post impressions, and they’re counted each time your post is seen on BandLab. The more impressions you get, the higher the visibility of your post. Toggle the sliders until you’re happy with the estimated total cost and reach, and checkout straight from the app.

3. Sit back and watch those numbers go up

Once you checkout, your Boost campaign is immediately activated. Your post will bubble up to creators and fans in our music-loving community! That’s not all – go back to your Boosted post and tap on the Boost icon to view your campaign insights. This is where you can track your engagements and impressions, along with likes, comments, followers, and plays accumulated from your campaign. 

Track your engagements, impressions, and more with Boost

Keep the momentum with valuable insights

Wanna build on the success of your Boost campaign? Get insights into its overall performance based on engagements, impressions, and more. Then, launch another campaign to keep your streams, shares, and follower growth on the rise!

Unleash your viral potential with Boost

Now, over to you. Rally up your best posts and hit that purple Boost button to amplify your reach, grow your audience, and get your fire tunes in as many ears as possible. Have more questions? We’ve got you covered with a handy FAQ containing top questions from the BandLab community. When you’re ready, go to your BandLab profile page on both web or mobile and get Boosting!