Every day, we’re blown away by the sheer talent on BandLab, and we want the world to see you shine. We’ve been actively highlighting hidden gems, whether it’s through hyping up your TikTok content or promoting you on lab.fm. But with over 60 million creators in our community, some epic tracks inevitably get lost in the shuffle. That’s where you come in! Use BandLab Boost to supercharge your best content and give it the spotlight it deserves in BandLab user feeds. It’s the perfect way to amp up your views and listens, and even skyrocket your following.

How to Boost your post 

1. Pick the right content and tap to Boost

First, identify the content that you want to Boost. A good rule of thumb? Choose high quality tracks that will help you draw in as many listeners and potential fans as possible. Get feedback from your friends and family, or simply trust your gut. If you’ve put your heart into polishing your best work, then it deserves to be heard. 

Put the finishing touches on a solid banger? Publish the track to your feed and hit the purple “Boost” icon on the bottom right corner of your post.

2. Set your campaign budget and duration

Here’s the fun part: customize your own campaign! In a way, Boost is like your own mini ad campaign – you decide how much you want to spend (as low as $2 a day), and how long you want your post to be Boosted. Play around with the sliders until you’re happy with the estimated total cost and reach, then hit “Next” and checkout!

Sit back and watch those numbers go up

Once you checkout, your Boost campaign is immediately activated – and that’s not all. Go back to your Boosted post and tap on the Boost icon to view your campaign insights. This is where you can track your engagements and impressions, along with likes, comments, followers and plays.

Supercharge your best content now

Now, over to you! Rally up your best tracks and hit that purple Boost button to amplify your reach, grow your audience, and get your fire tunes in as many ears as possible. Have more questions? We’ve got you covered with a handy FAQ collating top questions from the BandLab community. When you’re ready, go to your BandLab feed on both web or mobile and get Boosting now.