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Community 3 min read Championing BandLab’s rising stars and hidden gems

Whether you’re a fresh face on BandLab or a seasoned creator, one thing is certain:…

Brighter Sound: Meet, collaborate and create. In just 48 hours

You’ve got 48 hours to produce a track with a bunch of strangers you just met for the first time. Would you be up for it? Manchester-based music charity Brighter…

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BandLab 48 hour collaboration Brighter Sound workshop
Community 11 min read

Meet the YouTuber showing the world BandLab: Introducing Eumonik

We’ll be the first to admit – BandLab has a LOT of features. As hard…

Tracklanta one year on - Ricchbish
Community 6 min read

Tracklanta one year on: Ricchbish

Tracklanta 2020 might be all but over, but for the winners, their experiences will last…

True Colors Festival
Community 2 min read

Changing the world with rap music: True Colours Festival wrap up

An opportunity to change the world – that’s how some hip hop artists think of…

ILENE Tracklanta one year on
Community 10 min read

Tracklanta one year on: ILENE

Mentorship is a word thrown around a lot in the music industry. For good reason…

Ryan Walton Tracklanta winner
Community 3 min read

Tracklanta one year on: Ryan Walton

It didn't surprise many when we announced that one of last year's Tracklanta winners was…

Tracklanta winner Summer
Community 5 min read

Tracklanta one year on: Summer

Tracklanta 2020: Virtual Sessions is finally here! Although a slightly follow up from last year's…