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A guide on AudioStretch in BandLab.
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AudioStretch – The ultimate transcription and audio editing tool

Whether you're tackling a complex guitar solo or creating a viral TikTok meme, AudioStretch is your solution. It's the world's first transcription tool for your mobile phone, allowing you to modify audio and video speeds without pitch distortion. The best part? No additional app is required – just access AudioStretch… Read more

BandLab August Opportunities Picks
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Opportunities picks in 2023: Land record deals, gigs, and more

Your ticket to success may be lying within this list of hand-picked Opportunities! Ready to revive those dreams and transform them into reality? Hit submit, shine a light on your work, and open the doors to your big break. Don't forget to peep this FAQ section for answers to common… Read more

An introduction to Fan Reach on BandLab.
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Fan Reach – Your music promotion tool to build a loyal fanbase

Nothing beats the feeling of seeing those likes and streams go up on your track - the feeling that people out there are hooked on your music. Don’t you sometimes wish that you could reach out and connect with these supporters and start growing your fanbase? Now you can, with… Read more

A guide on how to use Fan Reach in BandLab.
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How to use Fan Reach to build buzz and cultivate die-hard fans

Dropping an epic track may bring in a surge of likes and comments. But the true measure of success as a musician lies in your ability to forge genuine connections with fans. Having a loyal fan base is an integral part of building a thriving music career – after all,… Read more

A guide on how to master music.
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How to master a song: Must-know tips for polished tracks

During the "golden age" of tape and records, the role of a mastering engineer primarily involved transferring audio from one medium, such as tape, to another medium, like the lacquer master used for record production. This role has evolved significantly over time, with modern mastering engineers now possessing greater influence… Read more

5 BandLab Chat feature updates that'll change the way you make music, from attaching media to inviting collaborators.
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5 BandLab Chat updates: Attach media, invite collaborators, and more

If you've used BandLab Chat before, you’d be familiar with its convenience as a platform for sending links, files, and messages to fellow musicians and creators. But did you know it’s now taken music sharing and collaboration to a whole new level? No more juggling multiple apps just to share… Read more

A guide on how to market your music for emerging artists.
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How to market your music for maximum impact

Have you ever wondered how celebrated musicians capture our hearts and dominate the charts? In such a competitive music industry, their success hinges on more than just raw skills and talent. The secret lies in the art of music marketing. Learning how to market your music can help you break… Read more

BandLab Pro Feedback
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Pro Feedback: Hone your craft with the best ears in music

Have you ever felt the urge to roll up your sleeves, get laser-focused and chisel away at a project that you want to polish to perfection? Whether you’re a hobbyist or a more experienced musician, passion and purpose are key. If you’re hungry to learn more, build up your skills… Read more

how to get signed by a record label – a guide
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Sealing the deal: How to get signed by a record label

If you’re an aspiring musician with rockstar dreams on the brain, securing a record deal could be your ticket to success. This is because you’ll be able to get the backing and support of industry professionals who are dedicated to help you succeed. This includes access to a wide range… Read more

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#Community Championing BandLab’s rising stars and hidden gems

Whether you’re a fresh face on BandLab or a seasoned creator, one thing is certain: breaking through the noise and getting the recognition you deserve is not always easy. With an ever-growing community of over 65 million creators, and an astounding 10 million songs birthed each month - even the… Read more

All about music presets on BandLab.
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Try on a new sound: Get release-ready vocals with BandLab vocal presets

Created an epic beat and recorded your vocals, but don’t think it’s ready for release just yet? Aspiring to sound like your favorite artist, but don’t know where to begin? If you’re a budding music creator, the road to creating professional-sounding music can feel like a marathon – slow and… Read more

Introducing BandLab's Tip Jar!
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Tip Jar: Receive tips from fans who love your music

If you’ve been on BandLab for a hot minute, you’ve probably familiarized yourself with a bunch of our features and tools. You know the thrill of churning out fresh tracks in Studio, and the rush of exploring Opportunities that can help you score a live gig or record deal. Today,… Read more