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AudioStretch - audio and video transcription tool powered by BandLab
#From the Team / 6 June 2021

What is AudioStretch and how do I use it?

Ever tried to learn a guitar solo from your favorite lightning-quick shredder guitarist? For those who grew up in the internet era, we would just head over to YouTube and play that part – over and over again. Start. Stop. Start. Stop. It’s almost a rite of passage! Why did we… Read more

BandLab new features: Share to TikTok and more
#From the Team / 8 April 2021

New features: Sharing to TikTok and more

2021 has been a crazy year for the team at BandLab. From hitting 30 million registered users to working on overdrive for our upcoming updates, it’s been an exciting start to a promising year for BandLab. While everyone is hard at work, we thought we’d check back in with you… Read more

30 million registered users on BandLab
#From the Team / 30 March 2021

30 million of YOU on BandLab

Today, we’re extremely happy to announce that we’ve reached more than 30 million registered users on BandLab. 30 million is a milestone worth celebrating, and it’s also a time for us to look back and reflect upon the journey that has brought us here. There’s no other way to put… Read more

BandLab forking and collaboration explained
#From the Team / 19 March 2021

Forking and collaboration on BandLab explained

Collaborations in this world of music have given us plenty of unforgettable moments from genre-defying bangers to crossovers nobody asked for but everyone needed. As history has taught us, collaborations can produce greatness, and one of BandLab’s goals is to make that easier for creators across the globe. We give… Read more

What to do when you get a copyright claim when uploading to streaming services
#From the Team / 12 March 2021

What to do when you get a copyright claim when uploading to streaming services

You’ve just dropped your latest music online. You’re pumped. You share your music with everyone you know. Your hard-worked tracks are your pride and joy. And then you receive this: “It looks like your track might contain or be a copy of another artist’s song. Your track has been removed… Read more

Beats from scratch: How to produce a Lil Uzi Vert beat on BandLab
#From the Team / 2 March 2021

Beats from scratch: How to produce a Lil Uzi Vert style beat on BandLab

One of rap's biggest stars in the last decade, it's almost impossible to pigeonhole Lil Uzi Vert's style into a specific sound. Whether it's emo, punk or drill, it was sticking to his creative guns that got Lil Uzi Vert to the top. His style can be described as a… Read more

#From the Team / 5 February 2021

BandLab Sounds: Introducing Sample Editor

Late last year we launched BandLab Sounds, giving creators everywhere access to our extensive library of professionally created samples, free of charge, and free to use. As our samples swell in numbers, with artists like Arabian Prince and partners like MusicTech contributing, we’ve seen thousands of downloads and more music… Read more

MusicTech sample packs on BandLab Sounds
#From the Team / 22 January 2021

18 brand new sample packs from MusicTech are now on BandLab Sounds

When it comes to free samples, more is always more. Every week, we add new samples from artists and sound designers to our ever-growing library on BandLab Sounds for you to use to make music, all for free. Now, we’re delighted to have MusicTech onboard as a contributor. For a… Read more

#From the Team / 22 December 2020

Taking the noise out of your recordings with Denoise

Noise happens. We built BandLab so you can capture your ideas anywhere. And most of the time, you’ll be recording in less than ideal environments. From the buzzing of a humidifier to the bustle of the outside world, noise is a real issue for both home producers and creators on… Read more

BandLab 2020 year in review
#From the Team / 16 December 2020

2020: Our Year in Review

2020. What a wild ride it's been. And to you, who joined us on this incredible journey – you make BandLab what it is today, and we couldn’t have done it without you. You might be one of the millions who turned to BandLab for the first time to make… Read more

BandLab 2020 year in review
#From the Team /

2020: YOUR Year in Review

2020 was a wild year. And one worth looking back at. So for those who created. Who hustled and promoted. Who listened. Who liked. Who Forked. This was your year - so let's celebrate it. Head to to get your personalised review. Read more: 2020: Our Year in Review… Read more

Under the hood: Making BandLab Sounds
#From the Team / 17 November 2020

Under the hood: Making BandLab Sounds

We are supremely excited to announce the arrival of BandLab Sounds. Sounds provides unlimited access to BandLab’s extensive sample library, all for free. BandLab is helping millions of artists discover their sound by offering universal access to the tools they need to make better music. The BandLab team would like… Read more

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