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From the Team 4 min read

Boost your music to millions – Score an exclusive artist feature on the BandLab feed and blog 

With over 100 million creators in our community, BandLab is bursting with talent. That’s why…

From the Team 2 min read

How to remove background noise from audio with Voice Cleaner

Inspiration can hit you anywhere – during your daily commute, in a crowded bar, at…

List of BandLab beta features
From the Team 6 min read

Try BandLab’s beta features first – Get early access to creator tools and social perks with Membership

Want to score early access to exclusive creation tools and fun social features? With an…

Beat basics – Learn 8 easy drum patterns for 8 different music genres

Got Drum Machine fired up in Studio, but struggling with crafting drum patterns for your song? This guide is for you. You may already know, but different music genres have…

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easy drum patterns to learn in bandlab | trap drum patterns | funk drum patterns
Splitter new features | A list of 7 new features to explore with BandLab's Splitter tool
From the Team 3 min read

Splitter, upgraded: Guitar stem separation and 6 more new features

BandLab’s free practice tool just got a major upgrade! If you’ve been using Splitter to…

What is reverb and how to use it guide
From the Team 17 min read

What is reverb and how it shapes your sound in music production

Having a solid grasp of music terminology is a must if you want to be…

Get enhanced audio-quality for your videos with BandLab Mastering's new video export feature.
From the Team 3 min read

BandLab Mastering, improved: Enhance the sound quality in your videos quickly

If you’re a creator on BandLab, you’re probably no stranger to BandLab Mastering. Our well-loved…

a guide to bandlab and airbit's new beat sharing features
From the Team 3 min read

Buy and sell beats seamlessly with new BandLab and Airbit integrations

If you happen to be one of the many talented beatmakers or creators on BandLab,…

A guide on AudioStretch in BandLab.
From the Team 4 min read

AudioStretch – The ultimate transcription and audio editing tool

Whether you're tackling a complex guitar solo or creating a viral TikTok meme, AudioStretch is…

An introduction to Fan Reach on BandLab.
From the Team 4 min read

Fan Reach – Your music promotion tool to build a loyal fanbase

Nothing beats the feeling of seeing those likes and streams go up on your track…