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a list of top record labels looking for artists
From the Team 4 min read

Catch your big break with these top record labels looking for artists

Are you an aspiring musician with big dreams in music? Signing with a record label…

a guide to bandlab mastering's new preset intensity controls
From the Team 3 min read

BandLab Mastering, upgraded – Shape your sound with preset intensity controls

With BandLab Mastering, our goal has always been simple: to make mastering music, the final…

An introduction to mobile automation on BandLab
From the Team 3 min read

Mobile Automation – Add dynamic expression to your mix on-the-go

If you’ve tried Automation on BandLab’s web Studio, you’ll know how it makes music production…

Opportunities FAQ: A guide to catching your next big break with BandLab Opportunities

Got your dream gig laid out on your vision board? Opportunities is the next step to manifesting those what-ifs into career possibilities. Whether you’ve just found out about Opportunities or…

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Projects – Your ideas and songs within reach

Today, we're thrilled to announce our latest web feature and improvement on BandLab: Introducing your…

From the Team 1 min read

Forks – An exciting way to inspire and be inspired

Following on from our recent release of your Feed, we're excited to tell you about…

From the Team 1 min read

Your BandLab feed: Follow the creative process

Some of you may have noticed some navigational changes on the Web platform and a…