Boost FAQ
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Boosted posts FAQ: All about Boost and how to use it in your favor

Spotted the purple Boost⚡ button beside your BandLab feed posts, but no idea what it does and where to start? You’re in the right place. We asked the BandLab community to fire away with questions about Boosting posts, and we’ve rounded them all up here. What type of posts should… Read more

How to grow your fanbase with Boost on BandLab
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How to grow your fanbase on BandLab: 5 insights from the biggest creators

Growing your fanbase on BandLab is one of the best ways to get your music out there, make connections with like-minded creators, and capture new opportunities - but it's easier said than done. If you're just starting out, don't be daunted. Many of your fellow creators have managed to amass… Read more


How to use AutoPitch Vocal Effects on BandLab

AutoPitch is a powerful tool for vocal production: it's free, easy to use, and enables vocalists and rappers to sound like their favorite artists. But in order to satiate the creativity of our talented community, we looked at even more ways to empower you to go all out in your… Read more


6 steps to take if your music is stolen

As an artist, it's always a terrible feeling to find out that your music has been used without your permission. Not only do you miss out on potential earnings, but you also feel like your years of hard work through taking guitar, vocal, piano lessons, etc, and applying that knowledge… Read more


What is mastering and why is it important?

What is mastering? Mastering takes an audio mix and brings it to distribution quality. It’s the final step to balance your mix, unify sonic elements and optimize playback response for all file formats and devices. It typically consists of a series of subtle audio processes including stereo enhancement, compression, equalization… Read more

cover art album

How to get good artist photos and cover art

A picture tells a thousand words. Or it just looks good. Either way, the tradition of including cover art with music releases is one that you should definitely try to follow! Well-conceived and executed cover art helps you to establish your unique brand as an artist, and convey subtle hints… Read more


Make money with your music

“The fame and the money and all that stuff that comes along with it is all great, but that's not the sole purpose of why I make music.” (Macklemore) The vast majority of artists don’t start on their musical journey with the primary goal of making money and most don’t… Read more


7 essentials for your home recording studio

You might be a seasoned studio pro, a passionate home recording enthusiast, or someone who's beginning to tinker with a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). One thing's for sure - everyone's gotta start somewhere in their recording journey. If you're reading this with no clue about the hardware you need to… Read more


6 ways to get your music on Spotify’s public playlists

Spotify isn’t just a streaming service – it can be wielded as a marketing tool, too. As an artist, you can leverage the platform’s massive user base to grow your pool of listeners, and getting your music on a Spotify playlist is one of the best ways to do so.… Read more

Get your music heard

5 tips to help you grow your audience

There's no shortage of artists, producers, singer-songwriters, DJs and bands who want to get their music heard. And if you’re reading this, you're likely in a similar situation. You might be working on an EP, building a remixing career or looking for a new musical collaborator. No matter the genre… Read more

Build A Brand As A Music Artist On BandLab

How to brand yourself as a music artist

So you’ve put the finishing touches on your tracks, and now you want people beyond your friends and family to hear it. Well, the world first needs to know who you are. For that to happen, you’ll need to work on your artist brand. Think of this as your artistic… Read more


New things you can do on BandLab

TL;DR: Global Player and Collections are now on all platforms. The iOS and Android Mix Editor just keep getting better + a new Feed, Library, Profile & Band page on web. Read about all the new things you can do on BandLab. Collections – You can create playlists anytime, anywhere… Read more