#Guides / 14 April 2021

What is mastering and why is it important?

Mastering takes an audio mix and and brings it to distribution-quality Read more

cover art album
#Guides / 5 September 2020

How to get good artist photos and cover art

Well-conceived and executed cover art helps you to establish your unique brand as an artist, and convey subtle hints about the mood, genre and style of a release Read more

#Guides / 22 August 2020

Make money with your music

Here's a few simple ways for you to make money from making music - including with Tip Jar, which is completely free to set up on BandLab. Read more

Home recording studio
#Guides / 8 August 2020

Essentials for a home recording studio

Some of the critical technological choices you’ll face as you start to put together a recording studio. Read more

Spotify Editorial Playlists
#Guides / 25 July 2020

Six best practices to get into a Spotify playlist in 2020

Get your music onto a Spotify curated playlist by scheduling early, pitching your track and building your following. Read more

Get your music heard
#Guides / 4 July 2020

Six tips on how to get your music heard

How to propel your music to a wider audience, from social media tips to building your own 'story'. Read more

Build A Brand As A Music Artist On BandLab
#Guides / 13 June 2020

How to brand yourself as a music artist

Why crafting a strong brand identity or artist persona is as essential as the music itself Read more

#Guides / 3 May 2017

New things you can do on BandLab

TL;DR: Global Player and Collections are now on ALL platforms. The iOS and Android Mix Editor just keep getting better + a new Feed, Library, Profile & Band page on web. Read more

BandLab is the easy-to-use, all-in-one, social music creation platform.

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