cover art album

How to get good artist photos and cover art

Well-conceived and executed cover art helps you to establish your unique brand as an artist, and convey subtle hints about the mood, genre and style of a release Read more


Make money with your music

Here's a few simple ways for you to make money from making music - including with Tip Jar, which is completely free to set up on BandLab. Read more

Home recording studio

Essentials for a home recording studio

Some of the critical technological choices you’ll face as you start to put together a recording studio. Read more

Spotify Editorial Playlists

Six best practices to get into a Spotify playlist in 2020

Get your music onto a Spotify curated playlist by scheduling early, pitching your track and building your following. Read more

Get your music heard

Six tips on how to get your music heard

How to propel your music to a wider audience, from social media tips to building your own 'story'. Read more

Build A Brand As A Music Artist On BandLab

How to brand yourself as a music artist

Why crafting a strong brand identity or artist persona is as essential as the music itself Read more


New things you can do on BandLab

TL;DR: Global Player and Collections are now on ALL platforms. The iOS and Android Mix Editor just keep getting better + a new Feed, Library, Profile & Band page on web. Read more

BandLab is the easy-to-use, all-in-one, social music creation platform.

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