A guide to Drum Machine, BandLab's online sequencer
Guides 3 min read

Drum Machine: Elevate your beats with BandLab’s online sequencer

Every skilled music creator or producer understands the role of a well-crafted drum beat in…

A guide on how to use drum machine.
Guides 4 min read

How to use Drum Machine to build drum patterns quickly in Studio

We’ve got great news: building drum patterns for your song has never been more seamless.…

What is reverb and how to use it guide
From the Team 17 min read

What is reverb and how it shapes your sound in music production

Having a solid grasp of music terminology is a must if you want to be…

What is compression in music? – A guide to understanding compressors

New to the world of music production? Here’s a valuable tool in your arsenal to get acquainted with: audio compression. It might appear difficult to understand at first, as learning…

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what is compression in music guide
A guide on how to use BandLab Distribution.
Guides 4 min read

Create, share, cash in – How to use BandLab Distribution

Crafted some spectacular hits in Studio and want to find out how BandLab Distribution can…

An introduction to BandLab Distribution.
Guides 4 min read

BandLab Distribution – Release your music and earn 100% royalties

For any up-and-coming artist or creator, getting your original music on major digital streaming platforms…

An introduction to Fan Reach on BandLab.
From the Team 4 min read

Fan Reach – Your music promotion tool to build a loyal fanbase

Nothing beats the feeling of seeing those likes and streams go up on your track…

A guide on how to use Fan Reach in BandLab.
From the Team 4 min read

How to use Fan Reach to build buzz and cultivate die-hard fans

Dropping an epic track may bring in a surge of likes and comments. But the…

Guides 9 min read

Audio mixing, demystified: What it is and how to get started

The internet is awash with mixing tutorials, with most catering to niche audiences. However, this…

A guide on how to master music.
From the Team 6 min read

How to master a song: Must-know tips for polished tracks

During the "golden age" of tape and records, the role of a mastering engineer primarily…