bandlab is the best free daw for music producers
From the Team 5 min read

Make music for free with BandLab – Explore the best free DAW for music production

Taking your first steps into music production, or looking for affordable gear to create tunes…

denoise vs voice cleaner | a guide to bandlab's background noise removal tools
Guides 3 min read

Denoise vs Voice Cleaner – Your guide to background noise removal tools on BandLab

Tired of ambient noise in the background of your fire rap flow, or pedestrian sounds…

From the Team 2 min read

How to remove background noise from audio with Voice Cleaner

Inspiration can hit you anywhere – during your daily commute, in a crowded bar, at…

Get creative with BandLab Beats – What you can do with a non-exclusive license

If you’re an up-and-coming vocalist or rapper, you know the struggle of finding the right beats to match your vocals. It can be a challenge if you’re still learning the…

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What you can do with a non-exclusive license | BandLab Beats
What is reverb and how to use it guide
From the Team 17 min read

What is reverb and how it shapes your sound in music production

Having a solid grasp of music terminology is a must if you want to be…

A guide on how to mix music using tools on BandLab.
Guides 11 min read

How to mix music to achieve a well-balanced sound

You’ve put in the work, and now have a great song on your hands. Maybe…

Get enhanced audio-quality for your videos with BandLab Mastering's new video export feature.
From the Team 3 min read

BandLab Mastering, improved: Enhance the sound quality in your videos quickly

If you’re a creator on BandLab, you’re probably no stranger to BandLab Mastering. Our well-loved…

how to make money with your music
Guides 4 min read

How to make money with your music: 5 paths to pursue

As a budding beatmaker or musician, activities such as songwriting or beat-making are often done…

a guide to bandlab and airbit's new beat sharing features
From the Team 3 min read

Buy and sell beats seamlessly with new BandLab and Airbit integrations

If you happen to be one of the many talented beatmakers or creators on BandLab,…

A guide to distribution
Guides 13 min read

The budding musician’s ultimate guide to music distribution in 2024

Overview: What is Music Distribution, How Does Music Distribution Work?, Traditional versus Digital Distribution, Free…