Metal Essentials: 5 Tracks to Jam and Solo Over

Guitarists and vocalists alike love a good backing track. It’s the perfect canvas to create a solo, stretch their creativity or just practise their techniques and scales. That’s why we've introduced playlists on the Let’s Make Music page. These collections are updated daily for Android and iOS and they are… Read more


5 Hot Grooves to Remix and Jam Over: September Edition 2018

The featured Hot Beats playlist took off like a bullet train on overdrive since we dropped it a few months ago. Since then, many of you got in touch asking for similar backing tracks for other genres. Jazz, rock, metal, funk and blues fans, you’re in luck – we’ve added… Read more


6 Hot Beats to Remix and Rap Over: August Edition 2018

It’s only the 2nd month that we’ve been asking you to send us you instrumental creations to feature on Hot Beats and we’ve gotta say, the standard has been incredibly high! All of the beats sent in are forkable and this has resulted in thousands and thousands of musicians globally… Read more


5 Collections On BandLab You’ve Got to Listen to

Need some tunes for your daily commute, or your next gym session? Or are you looking for some inspiration from some of the best artists on BandLab? Well look no further! We’ve got some of the best collections on BandLab playing on repeat and we’d love to share them with… Read more


MIDI Loops: Hip-Hop, Trap, EDM, Arpeggiators & Melodies

Whether you’re looking for fresh Hip-Hop loops for your next track, or you need some inspiration for your next big Trap hit, MIDI loops are a great place to start, whatever level of production you are at. Unlike audio loops which you might be used to, MIDI loops give you… Read more


The Hottest Beats on BandLab and the Projects They’ve Inspired: June 2018

It’s only a month since BandLab launched Hot Beats, the portal for the hottest rap and hip-hop instrumentals on the platform and the submissions have been outstanding so far! Out of thousands of submissions we’ve picked over a hundred instrumentals which have made it onto our Hot Beats list. These… Read more


Songwriting: 5 Tips to Finding That Creative Spark

"As far as songwriting, my inspirations came from love, life and death, and viewing other people's situations." Ed Sheeran Everyone has a different approach to coming up with a beat, riff, a lyric, or a song idea - but there really isn’t a formula or one-size-fits-all approach to songwriting, and… Read more


Finding the Hottest Beats on BandLab

Finding tracks to rap over, or artists to collaborate with is a struggle that hits most artists at some stage of their musical journey. The obvious place to start today is the internet and if you’re reading this, you’ve probably already tried Google searches like “backing music” or “best instrumentals… Read more


Finding Music Inspiration and Ideas

You get home from work, flick on your speakers, power on your laptop and open your DAW. You’re tired from work, but you’ve jotted a few moments of inspiration during the day so want to get them down and see what transpires. You're 30 minutes into your session and suddenly,… Read more


6 Drum Patterns From Popular Genres Explained

Never underestimate what a drum pattern does for your song. Your drum pattern forms the backbone of your track and gives it structure before the other instruments and elements come in to really give it some flavour. Take Stevie Wonder’s Superstition for example. You could attribute the track’s legendary status… Read more


Loops: Electronica Emerald & Classic Acid Pack

Let’s get loopy everyone… This week, our in-house sound team are bringing us a taste of the sonic and flavours of melodic with the Electronica Emerald Pack. Couple that with a bit of nostalgia, and they’ll take you back to the old school with a swirling 90s trip into Classic… Read more


Music You Should Know

Good music inspires – check out some of the freshest new music the community has uploaded to BandLab this month. Want more music like this? Explore BandLab here. Read more


Open Your Mind With Inspirational Tracks This February

Check out these six amazing ‘forkable’ tracks available right now on BandLab. Every month we strive to bring you a taste-makers selection of some great tracks you can take, remake and repurpose to give you inspiration for your music creation. We also want to give a shout-out to our newest… Read more

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Inspiration is Now Even Easier to Find

We're very excited to introduce you to our new web-based Explore page. The latest improvement to the BandLab experience, this one’s going to make it even easier for you to find the musicians and the music you love. Read more


Two Is Better Than One: The Power of Collaboration

When we think of collaborations in music, legendary songwriting teams come to mind. Keith Richards and Mick Jagger; Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice; one-off collaborations like Kanye West and Paul McCartney—the list goes on... Read more


Your BandLab Feed: Follow the Creative Process

Some of you may have noticed some navigational changes on the Web platform and a new Home page instead of landing on your User Profile. We’re excited to announce the launch of our Feed feature – a key part of the socialising and creative process on BandLab. Read more

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