How to make a lo-fi hip hop beat

How to make a lo-fi hip hop beat on BandLab

Lo-fi hip hop has become something of a musical phenomenon in recent years. Beats to chill, study, or (insert mundane activity here.) Sounds familiar to you? Reaping in astronomical hours on streaming sites, this strangely soothing genre has been the go to choice for those who need a relaxing background… Read more

mastering studio

Mastering your music: How to do it

Why you shouldn't skip mastering your music, and how to do it. Read more

Getting started on BandLab - for Tracklanta: Virtual Remix

Getting started on BandLab for Tracklanta 2020: Virtual Remix

If you're here, you're probably gunning for a shot at winning Tracklanta 2020: Virtual Remix, but you're new to BandLab. Not to worry – getting started is easy and you'll be making your first song in no time. BandLab is free to use, on both your computer's web browser or… Read more


How to make a UK drill beat on BandLab

Drill has its roots in Chicago back in the early 2010s, but when someone says drill today, they're probably talking about UK drill. Think of UK drill as a lovechild of Chicago drill and the hard-edged sound of underground London that combines musical influences from the darker side of hip-hop… Read more


How to produce a trap track in minutes

More than just 808s Read more

How to make a trap beat

How to make a trap beat on BandLab

With roots from Atlanta, Georgia, trap has come a long way since it served as the backdrop to rappers' controversial lyrics. Today, you'll hear the trap beat everywhere – from the music of Migos to Drake to Kendrick Lamar to Post Malone and you'll even hear it on K-pop records. Just… Read more

Guide to mixing on BandLab

A beginner’s guide to mixing music

Mixing can make or break a piece of music. Bring out the best in your music by paying attention to the levels, panning and reverb of your mix. Read more

MIDI mix editor BandLab

Drum pattern basics: Recreating five common ones

You may or may not be a drummer, but if you’re a producer you need to know about drum pattern basics. Sometimes that means sampling. Read more

Trending on BandLab

How to get your track trending on BandLab

Getting more people to listen to your music is no mystery, here are a few tips to get your tracks trending. Read more


Five ways to manipulate loops and make them your own

Here are five quick edits you can do to give the loops some personal touches and get on the road to creating your first hit. Read more

BandLab Mix Editor

Pro tips for mixing hip-hop vocals

You might be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to get your hip-hop vocals sounding good and professional. Read more


16 guitar and bass effects on BandLab

In music, necessity has always been the mother of invention. When musicians tire of the sounds of their instruments, they’re willing to do anything for a fresh new sound. Read more

Smooth Live Stream BandLab

Six tips for a smooth live stream

Scene composition, lighting, props and connection speed play huge roles in a smooth live stream. Here are six tips to get an edge over everyone else. Read more

BandLab Engaging Livestream

Five ways to make your live stream more engaging

Between hyping up your releases and holding an open mic session, there are various ways to host an engaging livestream and grow your following from home. Read more


Four features on BandLab iOS you may not know about

iOS features you can't miss on BandLab, such as Siri shortcuts, video mix, inspiration lists and live streams. Read more

BandLab Mix Editor Features Desktop

Seven features on BandLab Web you may not know about

Features you can't miss on BandLab, such as automation, MIDI mapping, live collaboration, region and fade editors, view settings and metronome sounds. Read more

Get Started With Live Streaming From Home With BandLab

How to live stream music from home

A step-by-step tutorial on how to set up a music live stream from home. Read more

editing and effects bandlab looper

Understanding BandLab’s Mix Editor as an ex-Take/Allihoopa user

Here's a quick dive into some of the key differences and more advanced feature set that BandLab's Mix Editor has to help you get more familiar as fast as possible. Read more


Learn about effects: Amp simulators

A true compromise? Read more


Learn about effects: Compression

The art of squeezing. Read more


How to produce a funk track in minutes

Grooving out in no time. Read more


Learn about effects: Delay

The art of repeating yourself. Read more


Learn about effects: Reverb

The Space Maker. Read more


How to make electronic dance music in minutes

Make your own dance floor hit. Read more


How to produce hip-hop in minutes

Beat making for everyone. Read more


Producer series: Guitar and bass

For all levels of creators. Read more


What Is MIDI? A simple and practical guide

Recording and editing with MIDI. Read more


Tips and tricks for recording vocals at home

Level up your vocal game. Read more

looper tracks bandlab

Make music instantly: A simple guide – Part 6: Combining looper tracks

How to record and layer sounds on the Looper using the Mix Editor, so you can go cross-genre and create your own style and sound Read more

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