We’re only into the second round of contests for 2021 and the field is looking strong! We’re loving the competition, the heat and the quality of the entries. You’re not giving our judges an easy time! Read on to see who scooped up the top prizes for February’s BandLab contest.

Missed out? We drop contests every month. So check out the two BandLab contest rounds currently up and running this March, PLUS a very special bonus round featuring YouTuber Taetro.

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#fabulousfeb winners

Here’s your #fabulousfeb winner – cheezychopsticks!

Eclectic! “FEB-ulous” is a beat that is so rich and diverse, it combines elements of hip hop, reggae, funk with a hint of traditional African chants in the end. Fork this now and get your groove on!

Runners up:

2nd: Miami
3rd: Cal McTabber
4th: Bije Piwo & Thunder Mullet

#forkthisnow winners

Last month we asked you to fork @guitarbart’s winning track and show us what you can do with it. Taking home the crown for #forkthisnow is a collaboration between @djtatious and @teddybearasaurus!

Battlecry! “Brick by Brick” acknowledges your value in life through inspiring rap lyrics with catchy hook, reminiscent of 90’s nu metal/rap rock music . @djtatious‘s @teddybearasaurus heavy pounding rap verses with a emotional hook combined with guitars/trap beats from @guitarbart gets us all hyped and excited of what future music is going to be like! Electrifying!

Runners up:

2nd: dialtone pariah
3rd: Holis TG
4th: Beat Rate

Congratulations to all the grand prize contest winners and all runners-up for their incredible winning entries! We’ll be announcing the winners to Suzi Analogue’s Bonus Contest round very soon. Watch this space.

Don’t forget about this month’s BandLab contest! There’s still time to get your entries in!

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