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Free music distribution on BandLab – Zero cost, maximum reach

How to distribute music for free using BandLab Distribution.

As an emerging artist on a tight budget, finding an affordable way to release music can pose quite a challenge. There’s a wide array of paid and free music distribution services to choose from, and they all come with varying price points and features. This can be confusing if you don’t know what to look out for. However, if your goal is to get your music onto major music platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and TIDAL in a quick and easy way, we’ve got the perfect solution for you: BandLab Distribution

Distribution is an exciting new service that comes with an active BandLab Membership, you can use it to release an unlimited number of tracks on major music platforms worldwide. Plus, you’ll keep 100% of your royalties and rights. Read on to find out why this is a great fit for you, and how you can use it to get your music out there for free with our three-day trial.

Free music distribution with BandLab: A how-to guide

Sharing your music with a global audience has never been quicker and easier with BandLab Distribution. Here’s how to get started:

1. Become a BandLab Member: Kickstart your music distribution journey by signing up for Membership. With your free trial, you’ll gain full access to BandLab Distribution while unlocking a suite of exclusive features to fuel your music goals. These include BandLab Opportunities for gigs and record deals, Profile Boost to reach more listeners in the community, and Fan Reach to connect with your fans through personalized emails.

2. Submit your music for distribution: Once you have your Membership, getting your music on digital service providers (DSPs) like Spotify and Apple Music is a breeze. If you’re using BandLab on your web browser, head to Services and click on Digital Distribution. This service will soon be available on mobile as well, so keep your eyes peeled for updates.

Start by entering essential information such as your artist name and genre, then provide details like the song title and composer. Next, upload your cover art, ensure all information is correct, and click submit. Your music will go through a content review process within BandLab, usually taking less than 24 hours, before it’s swiftly sent to stores for uploading. Read more about how to use BandLab Distribution here. 

how to distribute music for free using bandlab distribution

Where is your music distributed to? 

Did you know? In 2022, the IFPI reported that streaming accounted for a whopping 67% of the $26.2 billion global revenue in the music industry. On top of that, subscription audio stream revenue surged by an impressive 10.3%. It’s clear that DSPs are where your music needs to be to connect with your audience, especially the major players!

Unfortunately, some free music distribution services make trade-offs to maintain their no-cost offering. They might limit your reach by delivering your music to only a handful of DSPs, overlooking platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Amazon Music that are important for emerging artists to really get noticed on.

On the flip side, selecting the right music distribution option isn’t just about the number of DSPs it covers. It’s also about its ability to introduce your music to new ears. Consider where your target audience hangs out and which apps and websites matter most to you.

With BandLab Distribution, you get the best of both worlds. It spans across all major DSPs, ensuring your music finds its way to listeners on platforms they adore. Think everything from Spotify to TikTok to Resso and beyond.

Here’s a glimpse of some DSPs where your music can make a mark through BandLab Distribution:

  • 7Digital 
  • Amazon
  • Apple Music
  • Deezer
  • Facebook Audio Library
  • Facebook Fingerprinting
  • Gracenote 
  • iHeartRadio
  • KkBox 
  • LINE Music
  • Mixcloud 
  • Napster 
  • Pandora
  • Peloton
  • Resso 
  • SoundCloud
  • Spotify 
  • Tencent 
  • TIDAL 
  • TikTok
  • YouTube Music & Content ID

How do royalties work with free music distribution?

Sharing your music on DSPs can be a lucrative endeavor thanks to royalties. These are payments you receive each time your songs are streamed or downloaded. The frequency of these payments varies, with some platforms settling monthly and others quarterly. Keep in mind that some DSPs might also take a distribution fee or a royalty cut, which can reach as high as 30%.

With an active BandLab Membership, you pocket the full 100% of your well-deserved royalties.  If you decide to cancel following the three-day trial, you’ll still receive a substantial 80% of your royalties. Your music will also remain active on any DSPs you submitted it to.

What makes BandLab the best free music distribution service? 

Still on the fence? This is why BandLab Distribution is the perfect choice.

1. Easy to use: For a monthly fee of just $14.99 USD, BandLab users can seamlessly create music, promote their works, distribute it, and earn cash – all under one roof. Plus, BandLab Distribution is now accessible on the web, with mobile availability just around the corner.

2. Extensive DSP network: With BandLab, you don’t have to worry about picking and choosing where to distribute your music. The platform covers all major DSPs, so you can feel assured that you’ve covered all bases.

3. Maximized royalties:  When you have an active Membership, you’ll enjoy a full 100% of your royalties. Even without a Membership, you’ll still receive a substantial 80%.

BandLab Distribution’s user-friendly platform and extensive choice of music platforms makes it a top-notch choice for any independent artist ready to take the leap and distribute their music. Try it out today with our three-day free trial!

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