This contest has closed! We want to thank those who participated. We had fun listening to all the entries.

If you missed out on this chance but would still like to show off your creativity, keep a look out for more contests to come in the future!

On BandLab, we want you to be able to capture and develop your ideas as seamlessly as possible. Blue Microphones share the same values as us in the way they believe in simplifying the process of capturing sound without compromising on quality.

We created this contest for all you musicians out there to express your creativity on BandLab. So go on! We can’t wait to hear what you come up with!

What you will win:

We’re giving away a Blue Microphones Spark Digital Studio-Grade Condenser microphone to 5 creative musicians.

The Spark Digital is a studio-grade condenser USB microphone that records your vocals and instruments on your desktop and iPhone. It delivers great sound with minimal fuss, and we think you’ll find that it greatly improves your recordings on BandLab.

Contest Duration:

The contest has ended.

Here’s how to take part:
  1. If you don’t already have an account, sign up for free on BandLab.
  2. Record your musical idea
    1. Capture an Idea on your Idea Inbox page OR
    2. Dive straight into the Mix Editor and start working on a multitrack if you need to
  3. Publish your song with the hashtag #bluexbandlab in the title to show you’re participating in the contest.
How to Win:

The Top 5 participating songs with the most number of likes wins.

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Are there any rules?

Just 3:

  1. Your entry has to be created on BandLab.
  2. It has to be musical. Get creative!
  3. It has to be at least 30 seconds long.
How do I increase my chances of winning?

Start by getting active in the BandLab community. Ask for feedback, comment constructively on other user’s songs. Also, you might want to get your songs more visibility within your circle of friends by encouraging them to listen and like your work. Do remember that at the moment only BandLab users can listen and like songs on BandLab.

Can I collaborate with my bandmates or friends?

Yes, you may collaborate with your band members, or any other BandLab users. Do note that if your entry wins, the original owner of the published song will receive the prize.

Must my contest entry be a song?

Not necessarily – Let your creativity run wild, but also within the boundaries of what you define as “musical”.

Must it be an original idea?

It doesn’t have to be. You may cover songs, but we hope to see some kind of creative twist!