12 is now 16. 

6 is now 15.

25 is now 50.

We’re slamming the pedal to the metal on our Mix Editor. We don’t want to let limits get in your way of creating. That’s why we’ve increased the limits of our Mix Editor. Less constraints mean you, the creator, can push your own creative boundaries even further.

Now you can create up to 16 simultaneous tracks, record tracks as long as 15 minutes, collaborate with up to 50 bandmates or users. And it’s all still free.

Record up to 16 independent tracks

With even more tracks, you now have the opportunity to create much more complex compositions. We’ve upped the track limits from 12 to 16 tracks – more vocals, more instruments, more everything! The big plus is the ability to control each individual track’s gain, volume, automation, effects, and much more, giving you much more room for creativity.

15 minutes of pure creativity

Don’t let three minute radio hits tell you how long your songs should be! We’ve more than doubled the song duration from six minutes to 15. So whether you’re recording a 30 second snippet or a 14 minute song with an extended guitar solo, know that we won’t be cutting you off.

Too many cooks won’t spoil this tasty musical broth

We’ve also increased the collaboration limit from 25 to 50. Some of you out there may have huge bands, or heck, you might just want 50 of your friends watching you work on the Mix Editor, we want you to be able to work with as many people as possible on BandLab. You can find out more on how to add collaborators and collaborate in real-time here.

Put us to the test

To put this new update to the test, we’re challenging you to create BIG. We’ve dropped a special contest round for the month of May, #megacollab, so you can show us what you can do with your newly expanded freedom. You and your collaborators can stand a chance to win $500! Take a look at May’s round of contests here.