If you’re a music creator, you understand the importance of tools that effortlessly bring your musical ideas to life. Think everything from the vocalists’ favorite AutoPitch, to your trusty Fx plugin, to the flawless melody-maker Smart Scales. In particular, audio presets are an amazing resource that can accelerate your production process, elevate your sound, and inspire creativity in your music. Curious? Keep reading to uncover the power that presets hold.

The power of audio presets: Why are they so useful?

Presets are invaluable tools that offer many benefits to music makers. Here’s why they’re so useful:

  • Instant inspiration: Presets provide ready-made sounds and effects that serve as a springboard for your creativity. They offer a solid starting point to spark new ideas, so you can avoid that stressful blank-page feeling during a new project.
  • Time efficiency: Presets save valuable time by eliminating the need to create sounds from scratch. When you have a vast library of professionally-crafted presets at your fingertips, you can focus on other core elements of music-making – like writing lyrics and creating melodies.
  • High-quality sounds: BandLab presets are created by professional sound designers. These are people who have a deep understanding of audio processing, and how different effects interact with one another. By using these presets, you can instantly upgrade your tracks to sound more professional, impactful, and attention-grabbing.

Finding the right audio preset for your music

Here are a few ideas to help you find the right presets for your project.

  • Understand your genre: Different genres have distinct sounds and characteristics that define them. Taking some time to explore and analyze the sounds commonly used in your genre will give you a better understanding of what to look for. Try out this step-by-step workflow to help you with your exploration:
  1. Search for popular playlists in your genre, or listen to a few of your favorite artists. Once you’ve found 3 to 5 tracks that fit your vibe, grab a pen and paper and map out two columns: “sound design” and “production”.
  2. Listen to each track and take notes. In the “sound design” column, describe the sounds the producer has used with both technical language and creative language. What instruments can you hear? How do the vocals sound? Are the drums crisp and bright, or dull and grungy? Is the piano warm and intimate, or cold and distant?
  3. In the “production” column, take a few notes on the track’s mixing, arrangement and style. Is there a lot of reverb on the vocal, or is it dry? Which instrument stands out the most? Are there any effects included like delays? This deeper understanding of the inner workings of your genre will help you narrow down the search for suitable presets.
  • Experiment and explore: Don’t be afraid to go beyond your comfort zone. Browse different preset categories, try out audio presets from other genres, and experiment with different combinations. You might stumble upon unexpected and inspiring results. Consider the possibilities: what happens if you use a guitar preset on vocals or a bass preset on keys?
Browse different preset categories and try presets from other genres.
  • Trust your ears: Ultimately, your ears are the best arbitrators. When looking for presets, rely on your instincts and choose the ones that resonate with you. Sometimes, the ones which you least expect might possess the magic touch you seek. Quick tip? Avoid overthinking! Remember, presets serve as starting points that you can modify and personalize to suit your style.

How to use audio presets in BandLab

BandLab offers a seamless, free, and user-friendly platform for utilizing presets. Here’s how to make the most of it:

1. Browse the preset library: Click the “+Fx” button on an instrument or vocal track, and a world of possibilities open up. Go ahead and explore the vast collection of presets created by professional sound designers. Navigate them by category, or search keywords to find specific sounds or genres.

Add preset effect to your track.

2. Customize and personalize: Once you find a preset that fits the bill, don’t be afraid to customize it. Adjust parameters, tweak effects, or introduce new elements to make the preset truly your own.

3. Save and organize: BandLab allows you to save presets into your library. This is perfect for giving you easy access to your go-to sounds.

4. Collaborate and share: Click the “Share” button and share a preset to your feed or via a link. Sharing your presets is a great way to connect with fellow artists and producers, and spark collaboration opportunities with other creators in BandLab’s vibrant community.

Share your preset with the BandLab Community

5. Use presets from your fave creators: Aside from sharing your presets, you can tap on ones made by other BandLab creators. Just click on their preset share link.

BandLab presets unlock a world of possibilities for songwriting, recording, making beats and more. They allow you to speed up your process and include professional-grade sounds in your music with ease.

Ready to give it a whirl? Embrace the power of audio presets in Studio now.