From the Team / 25 February 2022

Introducing Crowd Review: Get your music rated before release

When you’re in a creative bubble, asking for feedback is always helpful. You can turn to your family and friends, but when it comes to factors like market appeal and songwriting elements, their reviews may lack the detail and objectiveness that you’re looking for. That’s what Crowd Review is for! 

Discover how people really feel about your music

Introducing Crowd Review – a well-loved feature that we’re thrilled to offer to BandLab users via ReverbNation. Now you can get your song into the ears of a targeted group of listeners, uncovering honest commentary, ratings, and constructive feedback – consolidated into a detailed report just for you. From there, you’ll know what to focus on while polishing up your music before release! 

Dig deeper with advanced insights

Wanna go a step further? Enhance your report to include advanced insights like songwriting analysis (break down the key elements of your song like lyrics and song structure), production quality (get feedback on the sound quality of your song), audience identification (know the demographics of your fans), and commercial potential (discover the likelihood of fans to purchase your music).

How to submit a track for review

You can submit your track, finished or unfinished, as long as it’s longer than 90 seconds. Open your project revision page and locate the Crowd Review banner on the right, then click on the Get Reviews button to start.

You’ll need a ReverbNation account to access this feature. If you don’t have one, select “Continue with BandLab” and we’ll create one for you.

Keep your eyes peeled for the full release

This artist services integration is currently being rolled out to all BandLab users in stages, and it won’t be available to every single one of you just yet. If you’re one of the first few lucky users, grab the chance to try it out and take your music to the next level! 

Interested in trying out this feature? Fill in this form!

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