From the Team / 5 January 2018

Introducing the Looper: Redefining Beat Creation

Make Music Instantly, Anywhere!

Making music on your mobile just got easier. Our brand new Looper redefines mobile beat creation – a revolutionary new beat making instrument within our Mix Editor which enables you to be creative wherever you go.

We took it for a spin around the city. Watch for yourself…

Master The Basics In Seconds

A tap of a finger is all it takes to start the Looper and begin creating down your next track. Choose from 12 professionally created Sample Packs ranging from Hip-Hop to Pop. Want bass and beats? FX, keys and synth? Tap and swipe to trigger your preferred instruments to start the music flowing. Layer on extra FX like reverb and echo via our built-in presets to create your unique sound.

Looper & You: The Perfect Duo

Each Sample Pack contains 24 purpose-built loops, curated and professionally designed to inspire your creative process. All loops, one-shots and FX are perfectly synced so you’ll always be in time and in key, and each combination reveals something different.

For Free, Forever

The Looper is free on BandLab for iOS and Android. Choose from a range of free Sample Packs and use your creativity to make them your own. Mix them, download them, fork, collaborate and share – these are your creations to play with.

Beyond The Beat

Add up to 12 Looper tracks via the Mix editor or use BandLab’s other instruments to rap over it, add a melody line, another sample or a guitar riff. Stuck for ideas? Make your track forkable and get the best out of the millions of BandLab users making and sharing their music around the world.

Look out for video tutorials, a technical features deep dive as well as some music making tips and tricks in the coming weeks.

How Do I Get Started?

The Looper marks the next leap ahead in mobile music creation; for free, and on the fly. Get looping!

Key Features

  • Looper is a brand new beat production instrument that syncs and loops audio samples
  • Available FREE within BandLab on iOS and Android
  • 12 FREE Professionally Designed Loop Packs, each with 24 individual instrument loops that mix together effortlessly – thanks to BandLab’s proprietary pitch and time shifting technology
    • Total of 288 loops, with a mix of Bass, Beats, Pads, Drum Fills, Percussion, Brass, Guitar, Keys, & Synth hooks.
    • Multiple genres include: Rock, Hip Hop, Grime, Electronic, House, Dubstep, Indie, Funk, Minimal Trap Pop and R&B.
    • Downloadable Loop Packs for offline creation and inspiration
    • Many more Loop Packs to be released throughout 2018!
  • Change the Mode or Quantization of each clip with our Loop Edit function. Modes include Loop, One Shot, Gate and Re-Trigger in 16th, 8th, quarter & full notes.
  • Incredible Performance FX – more than 10 FX Presets including Classic Chamber, Large Hall, Bright Room, Ambient Rocker, Echo Doubler, High Vox, Punchy Doubler, Punchy Rap, Slight Saturation, Vocal Chorus, Slow Phase, Vocal Tremolo.
  • Real time time stretching and pitch shifting
  • Real time recording and monitoring
  • All projects fully synced and cross-platform across Mac, Windows, iOS and Android
  • Unlimited high-quality downloads of your stems or mixdowns
  • Unlimited free algorithmic mastering available for your projects via the Web platform
  • Publish directly to BandLab, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
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