From the Team / 27 August 2021

Introducing Subscriptions and Distribution: More ways to earn a living on BandLab

When we released BandLab 10.0, we promised there was much more to come. It’s been just over a month and we couldn’t be more thrilled to share with you something we’ve been working on for quite a while now: BandLab Distribution and BandLab Subscriptions.

As you all know, our vision for BandLab is a world in which there are no barriers to making and sharing music. It’s our fundamental belief that empowering creators to earn a living through their musical journeys is part of making that vision a reality. In 2017, we launched Tip Jar, giving creators an independent way to receive direct financial support from their fans. Last year, we introduced Albums, allowing creators to sell their music and digital downloads directly without extensive and expensive services in-between. In both of these features, unlike other platforms, we didn’t take a cut and allowed creators to keep 100% of their revenue.

Even more empowerment for creators

The release of our artist-to-fan Subscriptions feature and BandLab Distribution is an important milestone for us to continue empowering our creators on BandLab.

Subscriptions lets you offer your fans exclusive access to content in exchange for a monthly fee. BandLab Distribution allows you to start releasing the music you create on and off BandLab to the major music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and more.

Once again, unlike other platforms, BandLab won’t take a single cent from your earnings and royalties and you are in 100% control of your rights, ownership of the content you publish or offer to your fans.

Get early access to Subscriptions and BandLab Distribution

We hope you are as excited as we are about these new features! Both services will start rolling out into early access on today, and we’ll be working with a limited number of creators in the coming weeks to showcase these new ways to earn a living on BandLab before releasing them into general access across all platforms – Web, iOS and Android.

Got something in mind to offer your fans on BandLab? Are you releasing new music soon that you’d like us to be part of? If so, we want to hear from you. Follow the links below to sign up for early access:

Interested in BandLab Subscriptions?

Get Early Access Here

Interested in BandLab Distribution?

Get Early Access Here

How do Subscriptions work on BandLab?

Subscribe to your favorite creators

As a fan, you can subscribe to your favorite creators to get access to their exclusive content. These can be text posts, images, videos or even links to new music. 

How can you tell if a creator offers Subscriptions? There will be a Subscribe button on their profile. If a creator has created exclusive content on their profile, they will appear locked if you’re not subscribed to them. Subscribing to a creator on BandLab is easy – just click the Subscribe button on their profile! 

Read more: Creators start offering Subscriptions on BandLab

Payment and pricing

As a fan, you’ll be charged a subscription fee every first day of the month, processed through our third-party payment provider, Stripe. As a creator, you set the price for your exclusive content.

While this feature is still in its early phases, we’ve got a list of creators offering Subscriptions coming up, and they’re all set to show you what they’ve got in store! Keep a lookout for further updates as we continue to make BandLab a more accessible space for everyone. 

Note: Creating and viewing exclusive content during early access will only be available on Web. 

Want to offer subscriptions to your followers? Sign up for Subscriptions Early Access here!

How does BandLab Distribution work?

Get your music on the world’s major streaming services for as low as $1 a year

You can now bring your music to the next level on BandLab. BandLab Distribution allows you to start releasing the music you create on and off BandLab to major music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and more. 

With BandLab Distribution, we want to unite your entire creative process from start to finish. From the moment you start making music on BandLab, to sharing it with the people around you and finally taking it out into the world, we want to be there with you. Access affordable distribution plans across all platforms (mobile and Web), to showcase your work on the global stage for the first time, allowing you to earn a living off your music. 

BandLab Distribution is currently in an initial early access period, but will be opened up to more BandLab creators soon.

Want to start releasing your music on Spotify, Apple Music and more? Sign up for Distribution Early Access here!

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