Nothing beats the feeling of seeing those likes and streams go up on your track – the feeling that people out there are hooked on your music. Don’t you sometimes wish that you could reach out and connect with these supporters and start growing your fanbase?

Now you can, with Fan Reach! Say hello to our newest artist-centric feature that’ll help you shape the music career you’ve always dreamed of. After all, a fulfilling artist journey begins with your fans! With this handy email marketing tool, you can connect directly with your fans, cultivate genuine relationships, and grow your fanbase – fast. Keep reading to find out how it fits into your music promotion strategy.

Share new tracks and albums or update your fans using Fan Reach.

How to access Fan Reach

Already a BandLab user with a free account? You’re off to a great start! You can send one email campaign per month to up to 25 subscribers. But upgrade to Membership, and you’ll instantly gain access to unlimited email campaigns to reach as many subscribers as you desire – along with other Membership features like Opportunities, Profile Boost and Distribution.

To get started, enable Fan Reach on your profile! Head over to the Services tab via BandLab Web and click on Fan Reach. The system will guide you through the activation process. Once enabled, your followers will notice the email icon on your page, allowing them to easily subscribe to your email list with a tap.

Head to the Services tab in BandLab Web to activate Fan Reach.

Everything you can do with Fan Reach

Fan Reach goes beyond standard social media marketing, which relies on the algorithm, by allowing you to establish a direct-to-fan connection with your growing fanbase. This opens doors to meaningful engagement on a personal level.

Kick things off by rounding up your fans’ email addresses! Thankfully, the Fan Collector feature makes this a breeze. Just head to the Fan Reach dashboard, copy your unique URL, and share it with your followers. When clicked, your link will activate a widget that facilitates the collection of fan emails, contributing to the expansion of your mailing list.

Use Fan Reach's Fan Collector feature to accumulate fan emails effortlessly.

Got a new drop you want to shout about? Tap on the New Track feature to send it straight into the email inboxes of your subscribers. You can personalize your message to add a unique touch, too! Think of it as a letter to your fans. If you have a whole album to showcase, take advantage of the New Album feature on Web to share your music instead!

If that’s not enough, the Update Your Fans feature lets you hype upcoming releases, share tour dates with fans, and more. It provides you with a means to keep your supporters engaged and excited beyond your occasional album and single releases.

Use Fan Reach to update your fans on everything from upcoming tour dates to new releases.

Plus, Fan Reach’s analytics allows you to keep track of your email campaign’s success, offering basic metrics like open rates and click rates. We’re adding even more features in the near future, so watch this space.

Just remember, to utilize these features, you’ll need the support of dedicated subscribers. So encourage your audiences to join your mailing list and stay connected!

Why use Fan Reach in your music promotion strategy

One of the biggest advantages of Fan Reach? There’s a passionate audience waiting for you in BandLab’s 65 million-strong, music-loving community. This gives you a head start in building hype for upcoming releases, translating to more listens and increased exposure on your songs – faster than any other email marketing platform can achieve.

Better yet, it eliminates the technical labor of dealing with external email marketing and music promotion services. Forget the painstaking task of curating and updating fan lists manually as new subscribers join in. Fan Reach handles it all, leaving you free to focus on what matters most: creating music and connecting with your fans.

Don’t miss out on what Fan Reach has to offer. Check out this guide on how to use it effectively in your music promotion strategy, and take the wheel in connecting with fans, growing a loyal fanbase, and achieving your music goals at an accelerated pace.