Looking for premium beats to inspire your next chart-topper in Studio? Check out BandLab Beats – a handpicked catalog of high-quality beats to fuel your creativity, complement your vocals, and take your rap verses to the next level. These beats are now available in the BandLab mobile app – so you can seamlessly preview, purchase, and customize your new beat in Studio, all in one place.

To put your mind at ease, we’ve made it clear and easy to obtain a license for these beats – outlining the terms & conditions for how you can utilize them.

Having a proper beat license in place allows you to distribute your track across digital service providers and major streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music without worries. It also ensures that you’ll avoid problems related to copyright issues, quality uncertainties, and challenges with royalties down the line. For information on beats licensing and what it entails, keep reading!

What is a beat license?

Curious about beat licenses and how they function? Here’s a brief overview. 

When you buy BandLab Beats, you’re acquiring a beat license. This means that you gain some ownership rights over new songs created with the licensed beat, but the original producer still retains ownership of the original beat. The artist’s license includes specific rights, often termed “User Rights”, outlining the specific ways a buyer can utilize the beat. Check out our beat license agreement for more information.

What is a non-exclusive license?

Beats licenses can be either exclusive or non-exclusive. Currently, BandLab Beats only offers non-exclusive licenses.

A non-exclusive license allows producers to lease the same beat to multiple artists while retaining exclusive rights to the instrumental. This means you can get high-quality beats without paying a significant upfront cost. 

When you buy BandLab Beats, you’re purchasing a non-exclusive license, with a 10-year fixed term. This means you’re licensing the beat for 10 years. When those 10 years are up, you’ll need to renew your license to continue utilizing the original beat. 

Looking for beats with an exclusive license, meaning no other artist can use those beats once you’ve licensed them? Explore the catalog on Airbit, where you can secure an exclusive license for specific beats. 

Where to buy BandLab Beats

Discover BandLab Beats for licensing via the BandLab mobile app, accessible on both Android and iOS. Navigate to the Beats section by tapping on the Create tab (denoted by the + symbol) in the bottom navigation bar. Scroll down to locate the “Beats” section, where you can preview each beat by tapping the play symbol. Once you find a beat you like, simply tap the button displaying the price, and you’ll be directed to complete your purchase.

Fresh beats drop weekly, so make it a habit to check in and explore new beats to spark your creativity! Explore available beats here.

How to use BandLab Beats in your mix

1. Purchase a license for your beat

You can buy Beats by tapping on a beat and purchasing a non-exclusive license. Beats are available across a variety of price points to accommodate different budgets. 

2. Launch your licensed beat in Studio

Once you’ve secured your beat license, launch your beat in Studio by tapping on the checkmark icon.  You’ll also receive an email containing a link to the original file, in case you want to use the beat outside of Studio.

3. Start crafting your next hit

When you open the beat in Studio, you’ll find your high-quality track ready to go. Take advantage of Studio’s features to cut, flip, and manipulate different elements of the beat to craft something entirely new.

Ready to start cooking up your next hit? Explore BandLab Beats in our mobile app today.