Want to score early access to exclusive creation tools and fun social features? With an active BandLab Membership, you unlock beta creation tools and social perks that can enhance your BandLab experience. This includes an expanded 32-track limit in Studio, AI vocal tools like Voice Cleaner and Voice-to-MIDI, AutoKey for vocalists, and more.

Heads up: BandLab’s beta features were previously known as Backstage Pass features. Although they are no longer referred to as the latter, Members will still be getting early access to the same exclusive features.

What are BandLab’s beta features?

BandLab’s beta features encompass exciting creator tools and social perks that are still in their trial phase. As a Member, you’ll be able to test these features before anyone else, and even provide feedback to help us decide if they should be made permanently available.

Apart from beta access, Members get to enjoy an array of perks which include Opportunities – access to hundreds of career-changing gigs, sync placements, radio placements, and more; Distribution – unlimited music releases on major streaming platforms; Fan Reach – a fan outreach tool to build a loyal fanbase; and Profile Boost – a promotion tool to get more eyes on your BandLab profile. Plus, Members can dive into bonus Splitter features like accelerated stem separation speeds, and an additional guitar stem split.

Unlock these beta features with Membership

1. Refine your mix on-the-go with mobile Automation

Been using Automation to craft more expressive and polished mixes on BandLab web? Now, Members will be able to access this handy feature on mobile! Whether you want to make your lead vocals cut through the mix, create dramatic build-ups and drops in your EDM track, or add subtle dynamic movements throughout your composition, you can do it on-the-go with mobile Automation.

Just open a project in Studio, and turn it on by tapping on the Automation button on the top left in the timeline. Then, you can start placing automation points to control the volume, panning, and effects in your tracks.

mobile automation bandlab beta features

2. Stand out with a custom profile banner

bandlab beta features | custom profile banner

Stand out amidst BandLab’s community of 100M creators, and catch the eyes of potential collaborators and fans with a custom profile banner that reflects your unique style and personality. With this beta feature, you can upload an image to serve as your banner, crop it to your liking, and select the perfect frame for display. And if you ever feel like a change, no worries – delete or swap out the picture whenever you please.

3. Feature up to five profile photos

feature up to five profile photos | bandlab beta features

Want to add more visual flair to your profile? Now, you can feature up to five profile photos, giving you the chance to spotlight various aspects of your music journey. Give potential fans a glimpse into your artistic identity with pictures of your latest recording session, live performance, or candid studio moments. Your most recent profile image upload will automatically become the default image for feed posts, community interactions, and comments.

4. Explore new sonic possibilities with fresh mastering presets

Four new BandLab Mastering presets | Natural Spatial Cinematic Punch | Backstage Pass | BandLab Membership

Already a fan of Universal, Fire, Clarity, and Tape  – our four complimentary presets in BandLab Mastering? Explore more creative possibilities with four new Membership-exclusive Mastering presets designed for a wider array of musical styles and genres. 

Enhance your chilled out acoustic mixes with the Natural preset. This latest addition retains the original tone of your mix, while adding a touch of clarity. Hear the difference:



Wanna craft a powerful listening experience without sacrificing any of the delicate details? Choose the Cinematic preset for your orchestral hits. It emphasizes the punchy low-end and preserves dynamic range – making your compositions come alive. Hear the difference:



If you’re aiming for an immersive vibe, opt for the Spatial preset! By leveraging new spatialization effects like Stereowise to expand the perception of stereo width, this preset helps to shape a rich audio experience. Hear the difference:



Need to elevate your hip hop mix? The Punch preset has you covered. Offering an alternative to the original Fire preset, which emphasized punchy lows and midrange clarity, this fresh addition is designed to add impact and definition to your hip hop and rap tracks. Hear the difference:



5. Instantly identify the key of your vocals

AutoKey | Auto key detection | Backstage Pass | BandLab Membership

Vocalists, say hello to AutoKey! This new tool is seamlessly integrated into AutoPitch, and helps you automatically detect and set the key of your vocals. Forget about manual adjustments – this feature saves you time and frustration, speeds up recording sessions, and amps up workflow efficiency in Studio.

AutoKey | Locate auto key detection | Backstage Pass | BandLab Membership

Locate AutoKey in the AutoPitch tonic and scale settings menu when you fine-tune your recorded vocals. You can also find it in the drop-down menu that pops up when you select a track containing your vocals.

6. Turn your voice into 370+ virtual instruments

Voice-to-MIDI | BandLab | Backstage Pass | Membership

Not a music theory whiz? No sweat. Upload a recording of your voice (under 5 minutes), and use Voice-to-MIDI to transform your vocals into over 370+ virtual instruments from BandLab’s library.

Just tap on your recording and select the Voice-to-MIDI tool from the dropdown menu. Your recording will be converted into a separate MIDI track, with the Studio Grand piano preset as the default. Tap on it to switch it up with any other virtual instrument, like phonk bell, saxophone, steel drum, electric bass, and more.

With each vocal recording, you can generate different instrumental MIDI tracks. Get creative and layer them in your mix to create a diverse song or beat – no music expertise needed!

Tip: For precise conversion of vocals into MIDI tracks, prep your vocal recordings with Voice Cleaner before using Voice-to-MIDI.

7. Get clean, high-quality vocal recordings

This AI-powered Voice Cleaner makes fixing up your vocal recordings a breeze. It isolates your vocals from background music or noise, leaving you with clean, enhanced audio for your creations. 

Listen to how these vocals sound before running through Voice Cleaner:

And here’s what they sound like after:

8. Unlock 32 tracks in Studio

Backstage Pass | BandLab Membership | 32-tracks in Studio

Be first to explore an expanded 32 tracks in Studio (instead of the usual 16)! With double the track limit, you’ll have more freedom to create, and add vocal or instrumental layers to your tracks.

Quick heads-up: On slower devices, adding more tracks may impact app performance. For a smoother experience, use the Freeze Track feature (available on both web and mobile) on larger projects to ease the processing strain. Just click on the triple dot icon to access track actions, then select Freeze Track.

9. Customize your home screen

You’ll be able to customize your home screen on the app. Choose your preferred starting tab upon app launch – whether it’s the Create Tab, Library tab, or Notifications tab. The flexibility is yours!

10. Keep a low profile

Want to lay low while playing with new music ideas? Now, you can choose to temporarily pause your Profile Boost campaign with the flick of a button.

How to access BandLab’s beta features

Great news! If you’re already a BandLab Member, you can start exploring these exciting features right away. Plus, stay tuned for more beta releases that you can enjoy before anyone else. 

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