If you’ve tried Automation on BandLab’s web Studio, you’ll know how it makes music production so much more precise – opening endless possibilities for creative expression and enhanced dynamics in your mixes. It’s no wonder there’s been a huge demand for this feature on the mobile app.

We heard you, and we’re thrilled to introduce Automation on mobile*! Joining our expanding list of Member-exclusive beta features, this feature brings the functionality you love from the web version right to your mobile device. If you don’t have a Membership, you can try it for free with a 3-day trial.

*To explore mobile Automation, update your BandLab app to version 10.75.0 on Android or iOS.

What is automation?

Before you give mobile Automation a spin, let’s dive into a quick refresher! Automation in music production allows you to control parameters like volume, panning, and effects automatically. By setting points on a track in your mix, you can dictate how your track evolves over time, bringing your music to life with subtle shifts and dynamic changes.

Let’s say you want your vocals to stand out throughout the entirety of a song. You can easily use Automation to soften the volume during the verses, then pump it up during the chorus to amplify your vocals and drive the melody forward.

This process would have been pretty time-intensive in the past, since every volume adjustment and panning shift had to be done manually. Now, these changes can be pre-programmed, allowing you to put more expressive touches on your mix to make it stand out – whether that’s automating EQ to add tension, or pre-programming reverb on precise parts of your drum track. 

Fun fact: Queen’s famous 1975 single, Bohemian Rhapsody, was among the first tracks mixed using automation. The more you know!

Experience mobile Automation on BandLab

BandLab Members can now access this beta feature on the BandLab app. Here’s how to get started:

1. Sign up for Membership: Sign up for BandLab Membership or start your 3-day free trial to use mobile Automation.

2. Turn on Automation: Open a project in Studio, then tap the Automation button on the top left in the timeline. You can also select a track, and tap on the dropdown list to automate the track’s Volume, Pan or *Effect parameters.

How to turn on mobile Automation on web and mobile, BandLab

*Effect parameters will only appear in the dropdown after a preset is applied.

3. Start automating your tracks on mobile: Kick off the process by adding automation points in your selected track to control volume, panning, effect parameters, and more.

Start automating your tracks with mobile Automation on BandLab

Excited to harness Automation for more expressive compositions? Get your hands on this highly requested tool on mobile, and enhance the dynamics of your tracks on the go. Start your free 3-day Membership trial to unlock mobile Automation now!