If you’ve been on BandLab for a hot minute, you’ve probably familiarized yourself with a bunch of our features and tools. You know the thrill of churning out fresh tracks in Studio, and the rush of exploring Opportunities that can help you score a live gig or record deal. Today, we’re shining the spotlight on Tip Jar – an empowering feature that lets you earn some extra dollars while dropping sweet tunes.

Tip Jar lets you earn money while dropping sweet tunes.

Earn money from your talent with Tip Jar

Tip Jar allows you to receive monetary support from fans who want to show support and appreciation for your hard work.

You’ll gain your own standalone page with a link you can share directly with your fans. They can then show their support by tipping you. The best part? It’s a hassle-free, one-step process. All they need is a free BandLab account to access your page and join in on the fun.

Activating Tip Jar is a piece of cake. Once you’ve confirmed your account’s email address, turn this feature on in your profile settings. That’s all it takes to start reaping the rewards of your talent!

We don’t take a single cent

Supporting our creators is top priority at BandLab. That’s why when it comes to processing your payout from Tip Jar, you can trust that we won’t touch any of your earnings.

However, it’s important to mention that our payment provider, PayPal, charges a fee for sending money. This will be automatically deducted from your earnings, and the percentage varies based on the total tip amount – the average being around 2% + $1. You can read more about getting paid here.

Claim your hard-earned cash

Tip Jar uses PayPal as a third-party provider.

As we’ve integrated with a third-party provider, PayPal, you’ll have to create an account with them if you want to receive your payments.

It’s also worth noting that PayPal has a minimum payout amount of $5. But if your tips fall below that threshold, don’t fret! We will securely hold your earnings until your balance reaches the required amount to be released to you.

Ever find yourself in the middle of a payment dispute? Drop us a line here. You can also visit our FAQ section on Tip Jar for common queries on the feature.

Don’t keep your fans waiting

Now that you’re familiar with Tip Jar, let it be a handy tool in your arsenal for paving the way to a successful career in music. Share your Tip Jar page with your fanbase, and watch as their love and appreciation translates into tangible support.

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