As a budding beatmaker or musician, activities such as songwriting or beat-making are often done out of a deep love for music and the creative process. But have you thought of taking that a step further and cashing in on your talent?

At BandLab, we want to help support your growth as an artist, and guide you to viable income streams that you can leverage immediately. So, if you’re wondering how to make money with your music, here are some exciting paths you can take.

How to make money with your music

1. Release your music with BandLab Distribution

Ever thought of taking your music beyond BandLab? If your goal is to have your music available on popular global platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and beyond, you’re in luck. BandLab Distribution offers you a straightforward way to release your original music to top-tier digital service providers around the globe in just a few easy steps.

You even get to keep 100% of the royalties you make as long as you maintain an active BandLab Membership. Uncertain about committing to Membership to access Distribution? Why not give it a try with our three-day free trial?

2. Sell your beats on Airbit

For those who love producing beats and want to make money with your music, Airbit is a goldmine. In fact, you can now register and sign in to Airbit with your BandLab account, and utilize new beat-sharing features to share your beats for purchase and licensing amongst a massive creator community.

The newly introduced Airbit embed function allows you to seamlessly integrate your beats from your Airbit store into BandLab posts, enabling you to share them with BandLab’s extensive community of over 60 million users. Additionally, Airbit producers can easily share their beats directly to BandLab using the new “Share to BandLab” feature.

3. Play a live show

Play live make money

Want to get paid to perform while feeling the adrenaline of playing to an adoring crowd? You can start small by performing live at weddings, small events, or even trying your hand at busking. Want to go big? Get connected to festival and live show organizers looking for fresh talent via BandLab Opportunities. 

Even though your earnings may vary, you’ll get the chance to liaise with booking agents, events teams, production crew and front-of-house staff; as well as work on your stage presence – all of which will be beneficial to your journey as a budding musician.

4. Teach a paying audience

Make Money teach

Sharing your music expertise in your local community can be a great way to make a little bit of cash on the side. Consider becoming a vocal coach, a guitar instructor, or offering lessons on music production software like BandLab Studio. In today’s digital age, self-promotion is easier than ever. You might even be pleasantly surprised by the number of individuals who’d pay for the chance to pick up a new musical skill from you.

For those seeking to expand their reach, growing a loyal fanbase on YouTube has become a popular strategy for music teachers looking to boost their income. It can also be a great way for you to learn how to present yourself in front of an online audience. Plus, taking on the role of a teacher helps you vocalize and reaffirm basic music techniques, making it a great exercise in self-improvement. 

5. Set up a Tip Jar

If you’re thinking about how to make money with your music on BandLab itself, you’ve got to give Tip Jar a go. This feature makes it easy to earn some bucks from fans who appreciate what you do on the platform. 

Once you’ve confirmed your email address on BandLab, you can activate Tip Jar in your Profile Settings. Get a PayPal account (our third party payment provider) – and for every payment you receive, PayPal will only take a small percentage. Read more about getting paid here.

Tip Jar is free and easy to set up, so go to your profile settings now and start making money for your creations today.

There you have it – how to make money with your music in five exciting ways. Continue nurturing your craft and embracing opportunities that come your way. Remember: your journey to realizing your music dreams can start today.