From the Team / 7 June 2017

BandLab Update: Band Page, Collections, Reverse Audio

TL;DR: Check out the all new Band page; create trippy sounds with the Reverse audio feature on web + you can now search for Collections.

Bands get a new look

Your Band profile page is now more lit! Include more details about your band and your favourite genres by updating the ‘About’ section in the band profile page.

Playlists Fam

Collections have taken off, everyone’s creating them! Now we’ve added the ability for you to search these playlists using laser point precision. Type EDM, Hip-hop or any other search term into BandLab to discover what other users have curated.

Reverse Audio

eW tog os… sorry… We got so many requests for this. Experiment and add a quirky, fun element to your sound. Select any track in the Mix Editor and click “Reverse Region”. Your next avant-garde creation is now possible on BandLab!

Creative 💥

Sharing an awesome idea you just wrote or maybe a song you heard on BandLab with others is now super easy. You can now share a song within Chat. So no excuse to let that creativity stay hidden!


You can now save your project without leaving the Mix Editor on any platform. We’ve also gone and made performance improvements to MIDI loops on web so they load and save faster.

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