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Maximize your music reach with 25% OFF BandLab Boost: Rack up streams and grow your fanbase 

With over 100 million creators in our community, BandLab is bursting with talent. That’s why we’ve introduced BandLab Boost so artists like you can enhance your visibility, and ensure your…

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How to harness the power of audio presets in music production

If you’re a music creator, you understand the importance of tools that effortlessly bring your musical ideas to life. Think everything from the vocalists' favorite AutoPitch, to your trusty Fx…

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A guide on how to use presets in BandLab.

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How to remove background noise from audio with Voice Cleaner

Inspiration can hit you anywhere – during your daily commute, in a crowded bar, at…

List of BandLab beta features
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Try BandLab’s beta features first – Get early access to creator tools and social perks with Membership

Want to score early access to exclusive creation tools and fun social features? With an…

a complete guide to bandlab membership perks
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BandLab Membership – Your ticket to exclusive creation tools, expansive artist services, and more

Passionate about music creation? We want to empower you with ways to get your music…

Splitter new features | A list of 7 new features to explore with BandLab's Splitter tool
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Splitter, upgraded: Guitar stem separation and 6 more new features

BandLab’s free practice tool just got a major upgrade! If you’ve been using Splitter to…

Bose x NME C24 Mixtape
Contests 3 min read

Spotlight your talent on NME x Bose’s iconic C24 mixtape

Are you an unsigned artist with original tracks and a unique sound? NME and Bose…

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March 2024 BandLab Contests: #Arturia, #BellasRimas, and #MelodicMarch 

Got bold musical ideas up your sleeve? Let your creativity thrive with three new contests…