Behind the Loops: Joseph Yorke

Creating a Loop Pack on BandLab is no simple feat. Especially when you've limited yourself to a "rough and ready" set up. And that's exactly what producer Joseph Yorke did to create his Roots & Dub Loop Pack on BandLab. Hyped to find out more, we talk to Bristol-based singer,… Read more

How to make a trap beat

How to make a trap beat on BandLab

With roots from Atlanta, Georgia, trap has come a long way since it served as the backdrop to rappers' controversial lyrics. Today, you'll hear the trap beat everywhere – from the music of Migos to Drake to Kendrick Lamar to Post Malone and you'll even hear it on K-pop records. Just… Read more


Tracklanta one year on: T.W.I.N.

The epicenter of hip hop, Atlanta, 8 October 2019. After winning BandLab’s biggest contest ever, Tracklanta, our winners had finally made it.   Dropping bars at some of the world’s most legendary studios, mentored by some of the top producers in the game, the Tracklanta champs were grabbing onto every opportunity… Read more


Tracklanta: A hip-hop journey with BandLab

Last October, we launched Tracklanta. Partnering with A3C Conference and Festival, together with ChooseATL, we launched one of the biggest events that we've ever rolled out on BandLab – to make the musical dreams of 15 aspiring artists come true. Watch how it went down for yourself. The bars. The… Read more

Guide to mixing on BandLab

A beginner’s guide to mixing music

Mixing can make or break a piece of music. Bring out the best in your music by paying attention to the levels, panning and reverb of your mix. Read more


Make money with your music

Here's a few simple ways for you to make money from making music - including with Tip Jar, which is completely free to set up on BandLab. Read more

MIDI mix editor BandLab

Drum pattern basics: Recreating five common ones

You may or may not be a drummer, but if you’re a producer you need to know about drum pattern basics. Sometimes that means sampling. Read more


July contest winners: Champs champs champs

Month 7 is over and we've judged through all entries and the real champs have risen to the top. Shout out to everyone who took the time to drop these incredible tracks to July's round of contests, and without further ado, here are your champs and their tracks. We've also… Read more


How a music educator uses BandLab in the classroom

Music lessons, like art, can be much needed creative outlet in the mix of subjects across the school week. But for many, music lessons haven't always been the stuff of happy memories... For some, a squealing chorus of 25 recorders is their strongest memory of music at school – and… Read more

Trending on BandLab

How to get your track trending on BandLab

Getting more people to listen to your music is no mystery, here are a few tips to get your tracks trending. Read more

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