Audio mixing, demystified: What it is and how to get started

The internet is awash with mixing tutorials, with most catering to niche audiences. However, this one you've stumbled upon is uniquely tailored for beginners. Especially the ones who type "how to mix music” in their search bars, and feel completely overwhelmed. In this article, we aim to offer a straightforward… Read more

August contests for BandLab

August 2023 BandLab Contests: #SoundOfSummer, #LightsCameraSample

August is heating up with sizzling new contests, and we bet there’s a challenge with your name on it. Gather your instruments, put your skills to the test, and be crowned as the month’s undisputed champion. Oh, did we mention you could walk away with a cool cash prize of… Read more

A guide on how to master music.
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How to master a song: Must-know tips for polished tracks

During the "golden age" of tape and records, the role of a mastering engineer primarily involved transferring audio from one medium, such as tape, to another medium, like the lacquer master used for record production. This role has evolved significantly over time, with modern mastering engineers now possessing greater influence… Read more

A comprehensive guide on what is mastering in music.

What is mastering in music and how can it polish your sound?

Ever wondered what happens behind-the-scenes to make your favorite songs sound so good? The answer lies in the art of mixing and mastering. But what is mastering, exactly? It’s the final touch in the music production process that takes your tracks from raw to refined. This might seem like an… Read more

5 BandLab Chat feature updates that'll change the way you make music, from attaching media to inviting collaborators.
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5 BandLab Chat updates: Attach media, invite collaborators, and more

If you've used BandLab Chat before, you’d be familiar with its convenience as a platform for sending links, files, and messages to fellow musicians and creators. But did you know it’s now taken music sharing and collaboration to a whole new level? No more juggling multiple apps just to share… Read more

Win $500 and all the glory in our July contests.

July 2023 BandLab Contests: #WhyJuly, #BeatRepeat

Eager to prove your musical mettle? July is your chance to shine! This month’s series of contests are designed to test the limits of your creativity. Rise to the occasion and be one of the lucky winners to walk away with up to $500 in cash. 🏅 #WhyJuly The possibilities… Read more

A guide on how to market your music for emerging artists.
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How to market your music for maximum impact

Have you ever wondered how celebrated musicians capture our hearts and dominate the charts? In such a competitive music industry, their success hinges on more than just raw skills and talent. The secret lies in the art of music marketing. Learning how to market your music can help you break… Read more

BandLab Pro Feedback
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Pro Feedback: Hone your craft with the best ears in music

Have you ever felt the urge to roll up your sleeves, get laser-focused and chisel away at a project that you want to polish to perfection? Whether you’re a hobbyist or a more experienced musician, passion and purpose are key. If you’re hungry to learn more, build up your skills… Read more

how to get signed by a record label – a guide
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Sealing the deal: How to get signed by a record label

If you’re an aspiring musician with rockstar dreams on the brain, securing a record deal could be your ticket to success. This is because you’ll be able to get the backing and support of industry professionals who are dedicated to help you succeed. This includes access to a wide range… Read more

A guide on sync licensing and placements to get your music in TV and film.

How to maximize your exposure with sync licensing and placements

You’re streaming your favorite series on Netflix, and the music playing in a particular moment takes a scene from just okay to completely unforgettable. Ever wished your music could be featured in the same way? Well, here’s the inside scoop: the key lies in sync licensing and placements. They allow… Read more

Find out more about lab.fm

Lab.fm: Championing BandLab’s rising stars and hidden gems

Whether you’re a fresh face on BandLab or a seasoned creator, one thing is certain: breaking through the noise and getting the recognition you deserve is not always easy. With an ever-growing community of over 65 million creators, and an astounding 10 million songs birthed each month - even the… Read more

And in depth guide to mixing and mastering.

Mixing vs mastering: A deep dive into uses and differences

No matter where you are on your journey as a musician or music producer, having a solid understanding of the difference between mixing and mastering is essential. These crucial components of music production help your tracks stand out in a competitive industry, and ensure its sound resonates with audiences. Need… Read more