How to make a boom bap beat on BandLab

Regarded by many as the pinnacle of hip-hop, ‘boom bap’ is an onomatopoeic reference to the prominent kick and snare sounds of ‘golden age’ New York City hip-hop.  The boom bap sound can be traced back to 80s tracks such as ‎“It's Yours” by T La Rock and “I Can’t… Read more

How to make a UK drill beat on BandLab web Mix Editor

Beat maker series: How to make a UK drill beat on BandLab

UK drill isn’t just another hyped-up subgenre. It's a sound that's hard to nail down, and therein lies its appeal among the producers who champion the genre. It is a chameleon – it's a sound that evolves constantly, with a beat that draws influence from unlikely sources – grime, Afrobeats,… Read more

BandLab contests May 2021

May 2021 Contests: #deathstar, #maybeat & #mommaknowsbest

It's May! So much goes on this very month of the year – May Day, Mothers Day, even Star Wars Day! With that, it's given us plenty of ideas for this month's round of BandLab contests! So read on, and check out our three brand new contests for May – more chances… Read more

UK DJ Asian Hawk BandLab

Behind the Loops: Asian Hawk

A silky smooth voice combined with competition-grade turntable skills makes Oliver Love, AKA Asian Hawk a truly unique live performer. Combining the live raw energy of DJing with finger drumming, scratch cuts and vocals, his music performances always deliver. So, we were super excited when Asian Hawk agreed to get… Read more

How to make a dubstep beat on BandLab

How to make a dubstep beat on BandLab

As we mentioned in our guide to making a garage beat on BandLab, dubstep evolved from UK garage music, taking the sound far from its New York house roots with the introduction of dub reggae and drum ‘n’ bass influences.  2-step garage tracks such as Ramsey & Fen’s “Luv Bug”… Read more

How to produce a Scarlxrd style beat on BandLab

Beat maker series: How to make a Scarlxrd style beat

Covered in a black mask long before the rest of the world, Scarlxrd is no stranger to being different. Known for his unusual blend of trap music and heavy metal, Scarlxrd emerged from his unlikely YouTube vlogger persona to become a rising force in this genre known as trap metal… Read more

How to record vocals on your mobile phone iphone with earphones BandLab

How to Record Vocals on Your Phone

Guest Blogger: Gregory A. Barker, PhD is a Co-Founder of Singdaptive and its VP of Publishing. He is also an editor, with Kathy Alexander, of The Ultimate Guide to Singing. Greg is also a Fellow at the University of Winchester, a published author with Oxford University Press, and a textbook… Read more

How to make a Kygo style drop on BandLab

Beat maker series: How to make a Kygo style drop on BandLab

There are many great artists out there, but not many can say they’ve heavily popularized an entire genre – not just any genre – but one that’s loved by the masses. We’re talking about Kyrre Gorve-ll-Dahll, better known as Kygo. And the genre he popularized? Tropical house. The genre is… Read more

How to make a jackin’ house beat on BandLab tutorial

How to make a jackin’ house beat on BandLab

Jackin’ house music refers to high energy house tracks with a strong disco or funk influence, arguably making it the closest contemporary genre to the "classic" house music of the 80s and early 90s. The roots of jackin’ house can be traced back to the Chicago house scene of the… Read more

BandLab contest winners March 2021 competition

March 2021 BandLab contest winners

Next round, down. We're rolling through the year and we've picked the winners for March's BandLab contest rounds! We also collaborated with YouTuber and producer TAETRO for a bonus remix contest and we had a tough time picking out the final winners. Read on to find out what TAETRO had to… Read more


What is mastering and why is it important?

What is mastering? Mastering takes an audio mix and brings it to distribution quality. It’s the final step to balance your mix, unify sonic elements and optimize playback response for all file formats and devices. It typically consists of a series of subtle audio processes including stereo enhancement, compression, equalization… Read more

How to produce a Logic style beat on BandLab

Beat maker series: How to produce a Logic style beat on BandLab

As a rapper whose signature move is solving a Rubik’s Cube while freestyling, Logic is definitely a little different from his hip hop counterparts. But it’s not all that surprising – the 'logic' it takes to solve a Rubik's Cube shares many things in common with his rapping style. His… Read more

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