Have you ever felt the urge to roll up your sleeves, get laser-focused and chisel away at a project that you want to polish to perfection? Whether you’re a hobbyist or a more experienced musician, passion and purpose are key. If you’re hungry to learn more, build up your skills and unleash your full potential, we’ve got just the thing for you.

Meet Pro Feedback, a new offering that gives all BandLab creators a chance to work with some of the best producers, mixers, and mastering engineers in the music industry. It’s your chance to get your song into the ears of celebrated professionals and receive invaluable feedback on your music. Much like our existing Crowd Review offering (where you can get feedback from a target group of listeners), this service aims to give you the professional insight you need to smash your creative goals.

Go 1:1 with the Pros

With a curation of top-notch audio professionals across three differing tiers, we aim to make professional mentorship accessible to all creators. All you have to do is select a Pro, answer some prompts about yourself and your music, and you’re all set to receive personalized Pro-tips from the industry’s most trusted ears. Access Pro Feedback on desktop via your BandLab project page to get started!

Connect with the best ears in music

Every creator is different, but worry not – there’s bound to be a Pro that suits your needs. Each of these curated industry heavyweights brings their unique experience, skill sets, and creative insights to the table. 

Seize the chance to work with celebrated hit-makers like Kevin ‘KD’ Davis, who mixed Coolio’s “Gangsta’s Paradise” and Sam Smith’s “Dancing With A Stranger”; Ariel Chobaz, a Grammy-nominated engineer who mixed Nicki Minaj’s “Super Bass”, Sledgren, Wiz Khalifa’s longtime producer who has also worked with the late Mac Miller, and many more illustrious professionals. Pick their brain, get their expert opinion, and uncover tips and secrets only they might know. 🤫

How to access Pro Feedback 

Ready to take your song to the next level? On your web browser, head to your BandLab profile page and choose a project. On your project page, you’ll find a button to submit your song for Pro Feedback. 

Next, select the Pro you’d like to receive feedback from. Browse and read snippets about each Pro’s specialized genres, credits, and achievements to select the one that suits you best.

Once you’ve chosen a Pro, you’ll be asked to follow a short series of prompts about your music. Along with your actual track, these notes will give the Pro a better picture of you and your creative vision.

Finally, hit checkout to complete your order. Your detailed report should arrive in your inbox within a week’s time, including overall impressions, what you’ve done well, as well as suggestions for improvement! 

Before you jump in, take a look at some frequently asked questions to make the most of the feature:

Quick FAQ on Pro Feedback

1. How long will it take for me to receive my Pro Feedback report?

After hitting checkout, look forward to receiving your report in your inbox within an estimation of 7 calendar days from the date of purchase. In the event of a delay, you’ll be notified via email.

2. Which Pro should I select?

All the producers, mixers, and mastering engineers are established professionals at the top of their game. They work across a wide variety of genres and music – check out their list of credits and achievements to find the best fit for your music.

3. May I list the Pro I selected as a producer, mixer, or in any other way associated with the song? 

Think of the Pro as a mentor offering their industry experience to help you get more proficient with music production. 

As such, you may not credit the Pro or reference them as being involved in the production of your song. However at their discretion, the Pro may include a testimonial in your feedback report. Feel free to flex it on your social media or website! 

Create your best song yet 

One of the best ways to grow is by receiving honest, constructive feedback. Learn from the greats via Pro Feedback, and you’ll be well on your way to crafting a masterpiece that you’re truly proud of. ✨