When we think about today’s biggest hits by Beyoncé, Kendrick Lamar and Post Malone, we don’t just think about their music alone. We think about the artists – their unique brands, personalities and stories. In the same way, how you present yourself on your profile plays a big part in capturing an audience. Profile Boost (free with Membership) offers you a new way to craft that brand for yourself and let fans fall in love with the artist behind the music.

What is Profile Boost?

With BandLab Membership, your profile will be promoted on autopilot – placing you in prominent spots on the Feed and Explore pages to reach new audiences. This is different from Boosted Posts, where you can pay to promote individual posts on your feed. Profile Boost is activated immediately upon your Membership purchase, bumping your profile on the ‘People to Follow’ section in the Following tab, and ‘Featured Artists’ spotlight in the Explore tab.

How does Boosting my profile benefit me?

Boosting your profile can help you rack up 3.5 – 7.5K impressions every month, leading to wider discovery of your brand. Whether you’re an established artist or new to the game, you can tap on Boost to lead more people to your profile. There, they’ll be able to explore your whole body of work and see what really makes you special – encouraging them to turn into life-long fans. 

Prime your profile for Boost

To take full advantage of Profile Boost, make sure your profile is in tip-top shape. From your profile picture and how you describe yourself; to your tracks, videos and albums – here’s where you can showcase your unique personality and creative vision. A well-crafted profile can go a long way in drawing in fans and capturing Opportunities. Once you’ve spiffed it up, Profile Boost can take it even further.

It’s your time to shine

Along with the package of artist-centric features that come along with Membership, Profile Boost is a powerful tool for you to take control of your growth. Yes – with a single Membership subscription, you’ll get to multiply the benefits of Profile Boost with unlimited Opportunities and services like Distribution and Fan Reach. Subscribe now and pave your way to a flourishing music career!