Community / 16 October 2015

Projects—Your Ideas and Songs within reach

Today, we’re thrilled to announce our latest web feature and improvement on BandLab:

Introducing your Projects page.

Your ideas and songs—all in one convenient place.

We’re laser focused on making BandLab as simple and easy to use as it can be for everyone. Your feedback helps us do that—keep it coming!

We’re constantly working to streamline your experience on BandLab so that it’s faster and easier to use

Here’s how:

Improved Idea Capture

Blog_Idea Capture

A cleaner interface for recording your Ideas!  You can now record your Idea, as well as adding lyrics and notes on your Projects page.

You can then select which Idea you’d like to convert into a song. Once it’s converted, you can move it to a band to collaborate, or simply work on it alone. You’ll be able to track your revisions, and choose to have it published.

Easier Access


Your Ideas and Songs are never more than a click away. We’ve brought everything together and organised it by:

  1. All your Ideas
  2. All your Songs
  3. Songs you’re working on alone
  4. Songs made with your Band

Start collaborating faster

To work on a Song with others, you can select one of your solo songs to be moved to one of your bands.

Your bandmates will be notified and they will now have access to create revisions and develop what you started further.

If you’ve not seen this new interface, let us take you there.

Visit your Projects

We welcome more of your feedback (we listen!) and it’s because of you that BandLab is where it is today. But we’re never satisfied with where we’re at, and it’s safe to say there’s much more to come from the team. First up—getting this feature on your mobile devices. Hang in there!

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