Are you an aspiring musician with big dreams in music? Signing with a record label can propel your career to the next level. With a label’s support, you’ll have access to invaluable resources like: guidance from industry veterans, access to professional studios and equipment, marketing and PR support, distribution networks, media contacts, and key industry connections to help you succeed in the competitive music industry.

If you’re ready to take the leap, here’s an updated list of record labels looking for artists via BandLab Opportunities. Skip the hassle and apply directly to your record label of choice!

Record labels looking for artists

1. We Are Triumphant

we are triumphant | record labels looking for artists

If metalcore or hardcore music is your scene and you’ve got the talent to back it up, inking a deal with We Are Triumphant could be your next stepping stone to success. Impress their A&R team and join a formidable lineup alongside bands like Neck Deep, Sworn In, and Oh, Weatherly. Plus, get top-tier marketing and advertising support backed by industry-leading analytics.


AWAL | record labels looking for artists

Snag one of three spots in AWAL’s prestigious Core Program, and join a star-studded roster that includes esteemed artists like Laufey, Tom Misch, and JVKE. Gain invaluable backing for marketing strategies, creative services, and promotional efforts, and launch your music career onto the global stage.

3. Pop Cautious Records 

pop cautious records | record labels looking for artists

Partner with this LA-based indie label to defy conventions with your artistic voice. They welcome artists, songwriters, and bands from every genre, and are dedicated to fostering awareness through the power of music, art, and media.

4. Manic Kat Records

manic kat records | record labels looking for artists

Step into the pop-punk, emo, or metalcore scene with Manic Kat Records as your launchpad. This hardcore label is on the lookout for talents like you to join their roster of rising indie punk stars. Receive comprehensive support throughout your artist journey, including recording, marketing, and global distribution.

5. No Such Thing Records 

no such thing records | record labels looking for artists

No Such Thing Records goes beyond the traditional label model by empowering artists with creative autonomy. Hit submit now for a chance to engage in a personalized 30-minute music and project consultation with them, laying the groundwork for future collaborations and remixing opportunities under the label’s supportive guidance.

6. Soulspazm 

soulspazm | record labels looking for artists

Soulspazm is seeking the next standout artist to add to their impressive roster, featuring stars like Madlib, La Coka Nostra, and Marco Polo. Submit now to clinch this Opportunity, and accelerate your career with guidance from their expert team in releases, promotions, and playlist placements.

Connect directly with your dream label

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